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How to energetically align with visibility that’s good for you and your business

If you are an expert-entrepreneur, being visible, to get noticed, in your industry leads to a plethora of good opportunities (not to mention it is essential to attract ideal clients.)

However, from time to time, I hear from talented people who really want more opportunity that being more visible is absolutely terrifying. The idea of putting themselves out there and being seen triggers fear, self-doubt and a story that they just are not ready for more. 

On episode 338 of Amplify Your Success Podcast, let’s explore why visibility can cause a business owner to feel trapped in a cloak of invisibility – even when they truly want more opportunity and clients. 

I’ll discuss common invisibility traps including unhealed trauma, fears and limiting beliefs that hold them back from embracing visibility strategies like being a guest on other people’s podcasts or doing live streams on social media – as well as a simple energy practice to shift out of these mindset blocks and into visibility that feels aligned. In other words, let me help you get noticed!

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Key Takeaways

  • [4:07] How a social media “dig” became the inspiration for this week’s episode on visibility being scary for some people.
  • [7:19] I share an example of a Guest Expert System client who was paralyzed due to her limiting belief that she wasn’t ready or capable.
  • [9:40] How our subconscious mind goes to work to protect us from visibility when we have unhealed trauma, fear or limiting beliefs. Plus the importance of your “why.”
  • [12:38] My journey from stiff and boring as a speaker to feeling more bold and confident on stage and behind the microphone.
  • [18:10] How my Human Design has helped me (and my IGNITE Mastermind clients) unlock aligned visibility strategies that feel natural and powerful.
  • [21:22] Two energy practices to help you break free of anxiety and start feeling more clear-headed, confident and in your personal power again.
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