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What if you could attract more of your best clients...

...by simply giving your message a tune-up?

My Magnetic Messaging System could be just what you need to up your game and leverage a powerful client attraction technique that could generate new leads and clients for you for years to come.

Do you have:

  • A powerful message that can help others (but you know you get a bit tongue-tied when you try to explain your work)
  • A burning desire to scale your reach and impact the lives of more people (without the need to travel from stage to stage)
  • Concepts that you know are powerful (but you worry they sound too much like what other people are doing)
  • Excitement to ride the fast-growing visibility wave that podcasting and other virtual speaking platforms can provide
  • A need to maximize your time and energy with every interview you give (who wants to waste time, right?)

If you have even one of the above, you’re probably the perfect candidate for the Magnetic Messaging System. The program will give you so much value and help you develop your speaking skills to land podcast interviews, increase your visibility, and solidify your authority in your industry. 

You’ll want to act fast to secure your seat, though. We put a strict limit on available seats to ensure everyone has enough time during group calls and to book their Magnetic Messaging Audit.

I want in. Save my seat!

If you're fed up with the fear and overwhelm that stops you cold every time you think about speaking...

It’s time for the Magnetic Messaging System.

If you’re tired of putting so much time into your content only to be drowned out by the noise of others in your industry that sound exactly the same…

It’s time for the Magnetic Messaging System.

If you’re ready to turn your podcast interviews, online talks, and stages into ideal lead magnet machines...

It’s time for the Magnetic Messaging System.

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I’m Melanie Benson, a Profit Amplifier and creator of the Magnetic Messaging System.

I’ve been mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and business professionals for 20 years. Before that, I spent 12 years in corporate America honing the art of optimizing results.

Having delivered hundreds of talks from stages all over the globe along with podcasts and virtual stages that have reached millions, I've discovered that a Magnetic Message is the key to attracting my ideal clients.

Today my favorite platform to attract my best clients and position myself as an authority is “guesting” on someone else's podcast or online show. And guess what... It’s free! 

I'm also the host of Amplify Your Success Podcast where I feature thought leaders, change-makers and fellow experts who have Amplified their Superpowers. I’m a regularly-featured Podcasting Expert at industry events like Podfest and an ICON at New Media Summit.

Featured In...

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Over the years I've been featured on at least 450 podcasts and online shows...

I'm blessed every single time I'm invited to share my message as I know thousands (if not millions) of people are being inspired to do something BOLD and impactful.

But the best part is, some of these podcast episodes have attracted my best clients and have continued to drive leads and paying clients year after year

Show Me How To Monetize My Talks!

Discover How To Amplify Your Voice The Right Way

Over the years, I’ve noticed a significant trend...

Some guests nail their talks on podcasts and shows and go on to rave about the new clients those interviews have brought them...

Others (and this is the majority) loved the chance for visibility, but experienced....crickets!

Who wants to put their heart and soul into a piece of their marketing without seeing any results? Not me! And I certainly don’t want that for you, either.

That’s what inspired me to create the Magnetic Messaging System for my clients. Inside, I lay out everything that’s helped me generate thousands of leads and attract some of my best clients over the years.

The System shows you how to make the most of every podcast episode (and talk) you deliver. 

See, many people think that if they can just be on that one podcast, or speak at that one summit… it will be all they need to bring in new clients. 

But without a proven strategy and proper preparation, you can do more harm than good for your business.

You wouldn't show up for an appearance on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday or your local news channel without taking the time to prepare and formulate a dazzling speech to wow the audience with your brand, would you? (I hope not!)

You shouldn’t treat your guest talks any differently. Each one is a chance to represent your brand and position yourself as an authority in your industry. If you do it well, it can be a lead generator for years to come. 

Wing it and it could haunt you for years to come...

The Magnetic Messaging System will help you transform a "nice talk" into a compelling conversation that becomes a magnet for your best leads and clients… for years to come!

The 6-step system walks you through crafting your Magnetic Message with ease. You'll go through 6 deep-dive training modules plus 5 live online meetings with me to perfect the process. 

You’ll walk away with a fully-mapped-out and exciting formula to deliver interviews (and talks) that convert!

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Here's what we cover inside the Magnetic Messaging System:

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We'll Use My Proven Formula for Amplifying Results

I call it the Unique Profit Amplifier (or UPA): This one technique will not only help you deliver better interviews (and talks), but it will change the way you do everything from creating your programs, to marketing, to sales. 

Aligned With Your Superpower: The cure for burnout and boredom. This pillar of your UPA becomes your Secret Attraction Factor!  

Positioned for Profitability: Stop working too hard for too little results. Your UPA helps you scale your revenues with less effort.

Binge-Worthy Offer: A UPA solves a costly problem for your best clients so you'll discover how to get out of your own way and really deliver what your clients need most  (that means more sales, my friend!)

After Completing The Six-Step Magnetic Messaging Program, You'll Walk Away With...

  • The confidence and know-how to effortlessly pitch, deliver, and monetize podcast guesting and speaking.
  • A perfectly-positioned interview topic (or signature talk) that gets you booked FAST!
  • A catchy, compelling Bold Influence Formula that transforms "interested" listeners into excited prospects and buyers.
  • Noteworthy interviews that seed your best offers and position you as the go-to expert in your industry.
  • A buzz-worthy pitch that attracts more event or podcast hosts. They’ll be knocking down your door trying to book you!
  • Strategies to move listeners to leads to buyers, funneling them into your highest paying offers.
  • Magnetic Messaging that attracts your ideal clients so that you don't have to work so hard to increase your revenue.
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Choose The Best Path For Your Needs!

Limited to 32 people.

3 & 6 Pay Options Available

The group option is set up to help you build your talk to attract more ideal clients. As a group, we meet live online to learn each important step. We host live Q&As, critique calls, and even a LIVE practice pitch session. Plus you’ll get access to all the templates you need to make this process simple.

  • Six Video Training Modules
  • Downloadable Templates & Action Guides
  • Five LIVE Group Critique / Q&A Calls
  • One LIVE Group Pitch Practice Call
  • One on One Magnetic Message Audit
  • Access To Our Private FB Group
Enroll Now!3 Pay Option Available

Limited to 3 participants, payment plan available.

For maximum impact, take the plunge and become a VIP. In this one-on-one mentoring program, you'll have access to the group process and video modules but I'll also meet with you privately to customize each element so you accelerate your path to more profitable results!

  • Six Video Training Modules
  • Downloadable Templates & Action Guides
  • 5 LIVE Group Critique / Q&A Calls
  • One LIVE Group Pitch Practice Call
  • One on One Magnetic Message Audit
  • Access To Our Private FB Group
  • Plus, Six Private 45 Minute Coaching Sessions

VIP seats are extremely limited and we require an application to ensure you’re a great fit. Click the link below to start the application process! 

Apply Now

Don't Miss Out On These Early Bird Bonuses!


Fast Action Bonus #1:

Be one of the first 10 to enroll and score a valuable "practice interview!"

Be in the first 10 to enroll and you’ll get a 25-minute customized practice interview with me. I will walk you through the process just like I would if I were interviewing you for the podcast so you get to practice what you learn.

Enroll at the VIP level for a chance to have your interview aired on the Amplify Your Success Podcast! Either way, you'll get the recording to use however you wish.


Fast Action Bonus #2

Be one of the first 10 to Enroll & Score 'Your Unique Profit Amplifier' Session with Me (Value $997)

Be in the first 10 to enroll and get a 50-minute 1-on-1 Strategy Session to develop your Unique Profit Amplifier. We'll uncover your Best-Performing Offer, so that your interview or talk will be laser-focused to amplify your results.



Here's What To Expect From The Magnetic Messaging System

Enrollment Closes on September 18th!

We close the doors on September 18th when you'll get your first module. And our first live call is on September 23rd. Most calls will be held on Wednesdays at 9:00 am PT. However, you'll have access to the modules as soon as you register so you can get started right away and work through them at your own pace. 

And don’t worry… all calls will be recorded in case you miss one. 

Just a reminder, here’s what’s waiting for you inside the system:

Six Video Trainings

Six Modules with Downloadable Templates

6 complete modules with downloadable templates to help you streamline your podcast interviewing process. I will guide you through the six-step system and provide all the templates and tools you’ll need to implement each step so you can take action FAST. Need audio-only options? No problem. You’ll also get access to the MP3 files from each training. 

Live Q&A / Critique Calls

We'll have 5 LIVE Group Calls!

There will be five live Q&A and Critique calls during the program where you can bring any question, challenge, or opportunity you have to get clarity and assistance with implementation. We will brainstorm your ideal podcast shows, clarify your topic, resolve pitching mis-fires, and tackle any areas you feel you need a little extra help. You’ll also have the chance to submit your progress and get real-time feedback to keep you focused. 

Live Pitch Practice

We'll Finish Strong with a Pitch Practice!

We always finish the program strong with Pitch Practice. You’ll get the chance to iron out the details of your pitch and get instant feedback on how effective it will be for your ideal shows so you can increase the number of interviews you score. You’ll walk away feeling confident in your ability to pitch your Magnetic Message to your favorite podcasters! 


Magnetic Messaging Audit

Private, Customized Messaging Audit

Around week five, you’ll have a chance to book a private messaging audit with me where I’ll spend 20 minutes reviewing your materials, identifying potential roadblocks, and prioritizing your next steps to getting booked (and monetizing your efforts). This one step is worth the entire investment… getting clarity is priceless! 

Private FB Group

Support and Connection 

Get the support and connection you crave inside our exclusive Facebook community. Connect with fellow-participants, ask questions, share ideas, and get feedback. This group is only available to Magnetic Messaging participants and only for the duration of the program. It’s a unique way to stay connected, solidify the techniques you learn in the program, and get feedback along the way. 


Ready to jump in?

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Here Are Some Answers to Commonly Asked Questions...

Q: Will I be guaranteed to land podcasts after this program?

I can't guarantee you'll land that coveted podcast or stage, but I can say you'll be able to land way more stages and podcasts than you would without knowing your Magnetic Message. This process will help you get clear messaging and use catchy sound bytes that producers are looking for! Plus you’ll quickly see which shows and events are aligned so you stop wasting time on events that don’t attract your ideal prospects (and that’s priceless clarity!)

Q: Is there a program guarantee?

We do offer a Risk-Free Guarantee. Take 30 DAYS to decide (or enjoy the first Module and one live call - whichever comes first). I want you to be a raving fan of the Magnetic Messaging Program. I am so convinced this program will impact your business, that I’m giving you 30 days (or One Module/Live Call) to put it to work. If after that time you’re not completely convinced you’ll be able to gain more interviews, leads, and clients from your talks, then we’ll refund you. That’s how serious we are about helping you change your life.

Q: Do I need to have a business to take this program?

No, you don't have to have a business but you do need to know what your core message is to really benefit from this process. If you don’t have clarity on your message, but know it's time to share your awesomeness with the world, you want to invest in the VIP level so I can help extract and shape a compelling message that helps you shine on stage.

Q: What if I really just need coaching to help me flush out my programs and fix my business?

Feel free to apply for the Private VIP option and we'll meet to discuss options.

Q: How soon will I see results from this investment?

As soon as you start pitching your topic to podcast producers and get on your next podcast -- or stage! Many of our graduates saw results EVEN BEFORE THEY COMPLETED the program. As soon as you implement each step, you’ll start seeing immediate results.

Q: What if I enroll and get started but realize this isn't right for me?

I know from time to time this happens. We request that you complete at least the first module, and if you find that we are not in sync and this program is not right for you, you'll have a chance to request a full refund if it's within the first 30 days. But we hope you won't give up before you give this full system a try. We just know you'll be delighted with the results! Sometimes what’s in the way isn’t the program itself, but the need to get outside guidance and input to help you get past any fears and customize each step. That’s where the VIP Level of this program comes in and we’ll be happy to explore with you if you discover you need more support than the Get Magnetic Messaging group coaching provides.

Q: How do I know I'm ready to get on podcasts? Can it be too early?

It's only too early if you don't have an offering of some kind and you are lacking the passion to share your message with more people! Even if you don't yet have a "freebie" or book to share, you can still massively benefit from this process. Many of our graduates find creative ways to share their Next Step -- we’ll help you discover the PERFECT way to monetize your guest podcasting and speaking.

Q: How do the payment plans work?

Depending on what level of support you are enrolling in, the payment plans are designed to break down your investment into 2 or 3 installments. Not sure? Apply and book a call and we will figure it out together! 

Q: If I'm booking the VIP Level, how quickly can I get started?

We can have our first call within 10 - 14 days (typically). With either package, you can get started immediately with the preparation process, designed to give you a strong foundation and clarity on where to focus your efforts first!

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Not Sure Which Path Is Best For You?

Let's book a quick chat.

Inquire about the program and we'll set up a time to explore your options and pick the BEST path for you (even if that means you start somewhere else!)

I'm committed to providing MASSIVE VALUE and making sure you get ROI, which means finding the right first step for you.

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