Get Great Clients, Consistently with Dov Gordon | Podcast Episode 91

AYS Podcast Ep 91

AYS Podcast Epi 91

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a steady stream of new clients flowing into your business each month? Well, it’s the opposite for most service professionals who have to work really hard to get a few key clients.

My guest on episode 91 of Amplify Your Success Podcast shares how to use the “Eavesdrop Effect” to engage your best potential clients – ultimately tripling your sales of perfect fit clients. This episode is full of actionable advice for anyone who struggles with consistent lead generation, or would like more of their ideal clients who are willing to pay your best rates!

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Key Takeaways

  • What the “Eavesdrop Effect” is and how it’s a key ingredient for creating a consistent flow of leads into your business.
  • The three questions every prospect is unconsciously asking themselves (so when you answer them right, they are more likely to buy from you!)
  • An often-misunderstood approach to building trust and rapport (Dov shares why getting this right is so important!)
  • A surprising piece of advice that even I’d never heard before (think, when its appropriate to recommend your competition.)
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About The Guest

Dov Gordon helps consultant/coaches get ideal clients. Consistently.

There are millions and millions of consultant, coaches and professional service firm owners who are really good at what they do. But they’re not charismatic guru types. And they never want to be.

They LOVE their work. And all they want is a consistent flow of great clients. Clients who value their expertise, AND who value who they are as people. And pay them well for it.

Dov and his small team take a tactic-agnostic approach. They help you build a strong strategic foundation and to apply to it to build a simple, client-getting system that is best for YOU.

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