Your $500 discount for the Guest Expert System disappears in...

For the Successful Coach, Consultant, or Service Provider: If you're already delivering proven results and are ready to hit consistent 5-figure months...

Ready for a Steady Source of New Clients? Discover How Other People’s Audiences Can Become Your Lead Goldmine.

You can… you just need to see how to ditch the ‘Best-Kept Secret’ Syndrome - - and I have a proven system to help you do that!

For the Successful Coach, Consultant, or Service Provider: If you're already delivering proven results and are ready to hit consistent 5-figure months...

Ready for a Steady Source of New Clients? Discover How Other People’s Audiences Can Become Your Lead Goldmine.

You can… you just need to see how to ditch the ‘Best-Kept Secret’ Syndrome - - and I have a proven system to help you do that!

Many brilliant Coaches, Consultants, and Service Providers find themselves at some point feeling invisible, relying on unpredictable referrals, or lost in the sea of social media, with no clear strategy for increasing their visibility.

And on top of that, you’re losing time you don’t have to content-generation that’s doing nothing.

So, when it comes to being a guest on podcasts, it's easy to fall into the trap of saying 'YES' to every opportunity out of fear of missing out (FOMO), only to end up in front of the wrong audience, or worse, rambling through interviews making ZERO impact.

Being a Guest Expert isn’t about getting booked on a bunch of podcast shows and livestreams…

And on top of that, you’re losing time you don’t have to content-generation that’s doing nothing.

So, when it comes to being a guest on podcasts, it's easy to fall into the trap of saying 'YES' to every opportunity out of fear of missing out (FOMO), only to end up in front of the wrong audience, or worse, rambling through interviews making ZERO impact.

It’s about getting booked on TOP shows where each interview you do is precision-targeted, with messages that stick in your audience's mind long after. As an expert, you don’t 'wing it,' you have a master (and monetization) plan for every single appearance.

Plus, your pitches to podcasters are irresistible, and your interviews so impactful, they translate directly into 4-5 figure clients seeking you out, steadily!

That's exactly what the Guest Expert System is designed to do.

It addresses all these ‘stuck’ points head-on, transforming your visibility efforts from throwing everything you’ve got at it to a strategic, focused system that attracts your ideal clients around the clock.

Look, I know you’re on the cusp of breaking through in your business. You’ve got the expertise, the proven client results, and you’ve certainly got the ability to work at making something BIG happen.

Except you’re missing that crucial insider knowledge. The kind not found in mainstream marketing playbooks.

I’m talking about Podcast Trade Secrets that can transform your guest appearances from just another interview to a viral sensation.

That’s where my proven 5-Step Guest Expert System comes in…

Inside, I guide you through five essential factors for monetizing your interviews, secrets once reserved for major companies and top podcasts. Not anymore…

First, let’s acknowledge that downloads and listens DON’T pay the bills!

It’s your authority that generates the kind of attention that leads to the revenue you’re after.

And if you’re like most leading experts I’ve worked with, this is what you need to do to shift your authority positioning ASAP:

Craft a 'Magnetic Money Talk' that captivates your ideal audience.
Protect your valuable time by targeting those right audiences effectively.
Implement a system that not only boosts your visibility but also magnifies your authority and ensures a tangible return on investment.
Differentiate yourself in a crowded field, to get booked on THOSE shows everyone’s after!

And when you shift your authority positioning, guesting looks like this…

You capitalize on a largely untapped visibility method, while your competitors are stuck in algorithm battles, dependent on referrals, or lost in the launch chaos.

Your business thrives on a 24/7 client attraction system that doesn’t need pricey ads or endless social media posting.

You're recognized as a thought leader, using the power of over 2,000,000+ shows to boost your authority and turn your insights into income.

So, how do we get your authority positioning shifted quickly and add another $10,000 - $15,000 a month in revenue for you?

A proven 5-step system to become Booking-Worthy and deliver compelling talks that attract leads like crazy!

The Guest Expert System can help you stand out in your market so you can increase your visibility, book high-value podcasts, and increase your revenue without:

    Draining your accounts with ads
    Dancing for Reels on Social Media
    Wasting your time on the wrong podcasts

    It’s all inside The Guest Expert System. Get immediate access Now.

    I know you’re probably wondering…
    What about referrals, affiliates, paid ads, partner promotions, and launches?

    They have value, but they’re either unpredictable, expensive, or exhausting and unsustainable.

    Why would you go through the trouble when guest experting (when done right) can do SO much more in much less time?!

    One system can get you clients, get you in front of other people’s audiences in high volume, and connect you with more visibility opportunities in about 2 hours worth of work every week.

    But I get it…

    It’s easier to stick with what you know and follow the path that ‘feels’ most comfortable. Plus there are so many "gurus" sending you in a billion different directions to get visible.

    You need to look at this logically:

    Being an in-demand Guest Expert is predictable, sustainable, and affordable.

    And it makes the biggest, most immediate impact on the people you’re here to help.

    Which do you think will work better:

    Posting on social media every day hoping your people see it, waiting for someone to talk about you to a friend, or being in your ideal client’s ear, holding their attention, and inspiring them to make a move?

    Let’s look closer at the training inside the Guest Expert System:

    Training #1 Creating Your Magnetic Money Talk

    Discover the insider secrets that secure spots on the most coveted shows and convert high-value clients with ease.

    Every great talk requires 4 key ingredients to transform your podcast appearances into lucrative investments. Missing even one could mean watching potential wins slip away.

    In this training you'll:

    • Sharpen your irresistible message to attract your ideal clients and open the floodgates to opportunities.

    • Implement the ROCS Method, Ideal Client Avatar, & Showstopper Formula to weave your Golden Thread, turning listeners into eager buyers.

    • Design engaging conversations with my Interview Outline Template, ensuring every interview is a powerful client magnet.

    Learn how to choose every word to be irresistible!

    Training #2 Become Booking-Worthy with Insider Secrets!

    Ever wonder how to get noticed by top shows that receive 100-500 pitches every week?

    Imagine having the blueprint that's not only landed me spots on prestigious podcasts like Entrepreneurs On Fire but also catapulted thousands of my clients into the spotlight.

    This session reveals what’s currently working to make you irresistibly attractive to show hosts, flipping the script so they're the ones chasing you.

    In this training you'll: 

    • Learn my strategies for standing out from the crowd for top shows who get hundreds of pitches weekly.

    • Access my customizable Canva Media One-Sheet templates and Google Media Kit tools that have made thousands of my clients the 'dream guest.'

    • Use my 'Be Booking-Worthy Checklist' to ensure your pitch hits the mark every time, getting you seen and selected.

    Get the tools, templates, and strategies that get you noticed.

    Training #3 Secure Your Spot on Industry-Leading Stages & Shows

    Landing on just any podcast isn’t effective; you need the right ones to truly make an impact.

    I’ll share the exact steps and tools that will place you in front of your ideal audience, maximizing your speaking engagements’ return on investment.

    In this training you'll: 

    • An Ideal Audience Guide to ensure every pitch is targeted, making every speaking opportunity count.

    • Insider strategies to find the best-fit shows without the need for expensive PR firms or booking agents.

    • Access to my exclusive Pitch Process & Templates, plus a Guest Pitch Tracker, honed over securing 700+ bookings for myself and hundreds for my clients.

    Get the tools that get the bookings!

    Training #4 Turn Your Talks into Profits!

    There’s NO point being on a podcast unless it creates profits!

    Unlike basic podcasting strategies focused on visibility, The Guest Expert System takes it up another notch by directly linking your appearances to revenue generation.

    In this training you'll:

    • Create irresistible offers with our top three profit-producing strategies, ensuring your interviews lead to high-ticket client attraction.

    • Understand and engage the five types of leads, so you never miss out on an ideal client.

    • Complete my Unique Profit Amplifier Worksheet to fine-tune and communicate your offers compellingly.

    Make your guest expert appearances profitable!

    Training #5 Maximize Your Results with Every Guest Appearance

    Your expertise deserves the spotlight, but your time and budget should be protected.

    Learn how to scale your business sustainably, turning every guest spot into a powerful client magnet. This training is your key to consistent 5-figure months without draining your resources.

    In this training you'll: 

    • Create lasting buzz from each episode with four brand-aligned Canva templates for episode showcasing. (The host’s audience will be the icing-on-top!)

    • Uncover a hidden lead generation goldmine to turn dormant followers into hot leads.

    • Employ 'Collaboration Currency' for a continuous stream of opportunities, accessing untapped leads even from competitors.

    Create powerful client magnets with every single appearance!

    Bonus Resources: Get Setup FAST with Essential Tools

    I'll include several downloadable tools to help you implement quickly! Used with my own clients and for my own speaking, you'll be able to customize and have your Guest Expert System "Kit" in record time!

    Included in your toolkit: 

    • A versatile Media One-Sheet, with templates for both Google Docs and Canva, so there’s seamless use with your brand.

    • Proven sample pitch letters to capture the attention of your favorite show hosts.

    • Brand-cohesive Canva templates for sharing your episodes, maintaining visual consistency.

    • A Podcast Guesting Tracker to help you reach your goals.

    Get up and running FAST!

    Enroll in the Guest Expert System Today
    and Activate Your 24/7 Client &
    Opportunity Machine!

    Normally $997, Score it today for just $497!

    My step-by-step system to create and deploy saving you thousands of dollars (and countless wasted hours figuring this out on your own.)

    5 Part On Demand Video Training to complete at your own pace
    Guest Expert Interview "Talking Points" Templates
    Guest Interview "Claim Your Magnetic Topic "Cheat Sheet
    Media One Sheet Template (both Google Doc & Canva options!)
    Cold Show Host Pitch Letter Samples
    Guest Expert Showcase Tracker
    Monetization Strategy Worksheet
    Canva One Sheet & Feature Share Templates

    In case we haven’t met...

    Hi… I’m Melanie Benson!

    Also known as an Authority Amplifier, Possibility Igniter and host of the top 1.5% podcast, Amplify Your Success and co-host of Next Level Influence Show.

    … and I’m excited to help you leverage my best performing, profit-producing, client attraction strategy so that you can deliver compelling talks and interviews that attract premium clients!

    The system I teach has transformed my business and helped me add over $125K (and sometimes more) to my annual revenue.

    And I’m going to show you how to do the same when enroll in the on-demand Guest Expert System.

    Here’s how the Guest Expert System has elevated my authority and changed my business:

    I’ve conducted over 2,100 interviews with influencers and experts from across the globe.
    I’ve been interviewed on over 850 podcasts, including Entrepreneur On Fire with John Dumas.
    I’ve been featured in Authority Magazine, Women’s Day, Bloomberg Business Weekly, Parenting Magazine and Vurbl’s Marketing Ambassador.
    And I’ve been invited to speak on stages from Australia to Calgary, to New York City, and featured as an ICON of Influence for New Media Summit and Podfest Women in Podcasting.

    This can be you too.

    Take a moment to imagine this:

    You've created the perfect message and a talk so magnetic it effortlessly draws in high-quality leads, landing you on the most sought-after stages and podcasts.

    You’re leveraging BIG audiences without the grind on social media or the drain of ad spending.

    No more feeling stuck in the shadows, invisible, knowing you have so much to offer, yet struggling to reach those who need you most. Imagine moving beyond the noise, where your message not only reaches but resonates.

    Plus, the cherry on top? You're transforming the lives of your ideal clients.

    I can’t wait to see you inside the Guest Expert System!

    Melanie Benson

    Authority Amplifier for Expert Entrepreneurs

    “The $100K Authority Accelerator Program was the most powerful program I have participated in. Melanie is the most organized, supportive, and steadfast mentor. Her program delivered so much more than I expected.

    While the focus was on visibility, the content made me really look at every aspect of myself and my business. If you have the chance and want an amazing experience, join this program!”

    Creative Chaos Reimagined

    Stephanie Graziano

    Creative Chaos Reimagined

    "As a 20 year entrepreneur and marketer, I've worked with amplification strategies and business tactics for years. But what Melanie does is next level. Her genius is to see your unique offering and amplify it so it's irresistible to your ideal customer. After 2 years of marketing my potent, and often thought of esoteric work, she quickly pinpointed the space where the magic wasn't visible to others and guided me to messaging that captures it perfectly. My only regret is not finding her sooner. If you're tied of following strategies and tactics that aren't delivering greater impact, visibility and income - work with Melanie."

    Update Dec 2022: "Using your pitch technique, I heard from a top podcast host that she accepted my pitch, even though she NEVER accepts anything but referrals!"

    Tracy Yates

    Transformational Architect

    “Melanie over-delivered each step of this program. I knew I would get 10x the ROI from this program from the very first session on Authority Content.

    What I didn’t expect was the confidence boost arising from the clarity on my new offering, messaging and ability to follow a clear strategy to get on the right shows. I’ve attended hundreds of trainings over my 30+ years in business and this by far was one of the best programs ever.”

    Pamela Jett

    Relentlessly Positive Leadership

    “Melanie’s messaging process got me clear on how to quickly grab attention with my cutting edge process. I nailed my pitch to 40+ podcasters and got TONS of bookings!”

    Dr. Morgan Oaks

    Dr. Morgan Oaks, The Synergy Of Success

    The $100K Authority Accelerator is an incredibly valuable program - from the authority content helping me to gain clarity on positioning, to showing me how to dial in messaging, and the valuable insights provided while going through the steps together in the cohort.

    I appreciate Melanie's ability to personalize her coaching for maximum impact. I now have a strong understanding of best practices in researching and pitching ideal podcasts, with a framework for bringing my expertise to their audiences, creating winning opportunities all the way around. If you are looking for clarity on positioning, an avenue to expand your visibility and a path to grow your revenue as a result, I highly recommend you jump in the next round!

    Dana Earhart

    Business Growth Strategist

    "Melanie is a gold mine of knowledge when it comes to positioning yourself as an expert on your signature talk. She helped me to avoid “winging it” in interviews. She helped me develop a simple framework for my talk that I can now use for everything. It is my home. She taught me how to strategically position myself with authority in my social media posts that provide visibility to my offer. Plus, the big bonus is she taught me how to proactively find the best podcasts to be interviewed on rather than waiting to be asked to be interviewed by inexperienced hosts."

    Jasper Dayton

    Billion Dollar Brand Builder

    "This process was invaluable for me to help me find language my ideal clients will resonate with. I even discovered a $20k offer that my best clients will snap up through the ‘Heck Yes’ Offer workshop. Life changing!”

    Cheryl Odom James

    Fractional COO

    "I applied this strategy to my webinar and increased conversion by 30%! And I'm using these techniques on my email marketing for an 84% increase! If you are looking for someone to support you on every level -- to amplify success -- you'll want to find a way to work with Melanie. I've been able to raise my rates and launch my #SocialTrust platform."

    Deb Coman

    Founder of #SocialTrust

    "Melanie quickly helped me implement better messaging soundbites for better results in my training - and the real bonus was when she uncovered a new profit center for our business.”

    Anne Lackey

    Hire Smart Virtual Employees

    My 60 Day Implementation Guarantee

    Ultimately, your success is my success.
    Truthfully, I’m 100% confident that if you put the effort in you will see results. My confidence comes from the results and impact this program has had on past students who stayed committed. My Guest Expert System has hosted many students who have seen tremendous success by the end of the program...because they implemented each step quickly and attended the calls!

    We offer a 60 day "implementation" guarantee -- when you implement each and every step in the program, if you don't get booked on at least ONE podcast, I'll personally meet with you one to one to help you uncover your BEST strategy!

    One last thing… visibility can feel intimidating for many.

    I have clients who felt very reluctant to step up their visibility. From experience, I can tell you that IF you’re feeling reluctant, you’re probably also having thoughts like:

    “I’m shy, I don’t feel ready to be seen.”

    “What if they find out I’m not really capable?”

    “There are already so many expert voices in my space.”

    “I don’t know what to say!”

    This is called Imposter Syndrome and it’s getting in the way of you achieving your big goals for your business.

    How do you fix it? You get started!

    So many of my clients said they didn’t feel ready when they started and every single one of them is SO glad they didn’t let that stop them.

    Guest Expert System is designed to help you clarify 3 things that help eliminate Imposter Syndrome:

    How to confidently articulate your unique value
    How to attract the right clients who have been searching high and low for your solutions
    How to design a compelling invitation that feels 100% aligned with YOUR superpowers!

    How to design a compelling invitation that feels 100% aligned with YOUR superpowers!

    Because I promise you, your ideal clients are OUT THERE looking for you, so get in front of them!

    “Melanie’s messaging process got me clear on how to quickly grab attention with my cutting edge process. I nailed my pitch to 40+ podcasters and got TONS of bookings!”

    Dr. Morgan Oaks, The Synergy Of Success

    Here’s a few bonus outcomes you can expect as you accelerator YOUR authority using this strategy...

    "Flip The Pitch" So Top Show Hosts Come To YOU!

    Instead of chasing shows and investing thousands of dollars a month on expensive booking agencies, with this proven strategy you should see another 2 - 5 speaking or interview invitations in your inbox every time you work through my "Visibility Boost" technique!

    Activate Your Million Dollar Collaboration Strategy

    You’ll learn how to develop fruitful collaboration partners with show hosts. Transform each "One Off" opportunity into an on-going, win-win stream of leads and new opportunities with experts who have already developed an audience of your ideal clients. 

    Transform Dormant Prospects and Inspire Lurkers to Become Leads

    Learn my "Secret Sauce" to turn social media lurkers and dormant leads into HOT prospects who can't wait to work with you. You'll discover one key step that turns every spotlight on other people’s platforms  into another valuable way to get your email community and social media connections to raise their hand and say YES to your offers.

    Build Your Own Audience Of Listeners and Clients

    Got your own show or podcast? Want to build your email list? Being a Guest Expert on other people's shows is an audience building accelerator! You'll inspire new listeners to become your podcast bingers -- and develop your own Million-Dollar Visibility Stream!

    "Melanie quickly helped me implement better messaging soundbites for better results in my training - and the real bonus was when she uncovered a new profit center for our business.”

    Anne Lackey, Hire Smart Virtual Employees

    In case there’s anything I missed,
    Here are some common questions!

    Can't I just figure this out on my own?

    Yes, you probably could. I know I did, and it only took me 10 years! So if you are willing to waste a lot of time and money trying to piece together free information to get booked and deliver compelling conversations, then go for it! But if speeding up results is valuable to you, then I would LEAP at the opportunity to implement this system. Today. Like right now. 

    I’ve tried podcast guesting, but it never worked for me in the past, will this program help?

    I’m 100% confident this will work for you because it’s the exact system I follow that’s helped me get booked on over 700 podcasts and add multiple 6-figures to my business each year. And it’s helped my clients get booked on 100s of shows and counting and sign high-ticket clients.

    I have zero experience being on podcasts, is this program too advanced for me?

    Not at all! Having zero experience will only help you avoid ALL the mistakes most coaches, consultants, and service providers make and fast-track your results. 

    I don’t have a team, so will pitching and coordinating take too much time for me?

    Not if you have my system. And I’m sharing all of my templates, processes, and swipe files to help you cut your pitching time down in half. Trying to do it without a proven system will take you way longer.

    How long do I have access to the program?

    You have unlimited access to the program (or at least until I retire some day and stop offering it!

    Wondering about the ROI of investing in this training? Let’s do the math to see that your efforts will also generate a healthy financial return…

    If you get booked on 10 of the hottest podcast shows per month for 12 months with an average of 100 new leads per month…

    …that’s 1,200 new leads per year!!

    If the conversion rate is 3%, that’s 36 new clients per year.

    If you’re selling a minimum of a $4000 package, that guarantees you at least $144,000 per year from podcast guesting. 

    Now let’s look at the time it will take you to generate $144,000:

    On average, shows are 30-45 minutes. So if you do 10 shows per month at 45 minutes per show…

    …that’s 450 minutes (or 7.5 hours) per month or 90 hours per year to generate $144,000.

    It’s no wonder my clients rave about this untapped strategy and system because it’s helped them create consistent 5-figure months in half the time exhausting launches and social media marketing requires. 

    And it costs ZERO dollars compared to expensive joint ventures or affiliate marketing that takes 10%-50% of your profits or expensive ads that cost a minimum of ⅓ of your revenue.

    If you want to actually reap the financial benefits from the time you’re spending promoting your business, leveraging other people’s podcast audiences is the most effective way.

    Is the Guest Expert System good for me if I’m already a good speaker?

    Being a great speaker is only one minor ingredient to successfully leveraging other people’s podcast audiences to generate consistent 5-figure months. However, if you’re a good speaker already, you’re one step closer to attracting 100s of new leads into your business and turning each podcast appearance into profits.

    I don’t have a big audience will this program still benefit me in getting booked on the hottest shows?

    Having a small audience isn’t a problem at all. In fact, the Guest Expert System will help you grow your audience, boost credibility, and amplify your authority. Of course, the alternative is waiting to grow your audience first, but that’s like expecting a tree to grow without planting the seed. You need a client attraction system in place, and podcast guesting is one of the fastest ways to do that.

    Would it be better just to hire a pitching and booking agency instead?

    Good pitching and booking agencies are expensive, and they only focus on getting you booked. And, in my experience, 90% of the seasoned show hosts do not accept pitches from agencies without paying a booking fee. What you'll discover in this step-by-step system will not only speed up results and get you booked faster, you will be more PROFITABLE and maintain control of the audiences you pitch to be in front of!

    How much time do I need to devote to this program to achieve results?

    That’s totally up to you. But if you give me 6 - 8 weeks and you implement the steps directly, you’ll have a system that’s guaranteed to help you "borrow" other people’s audiences to turn on a steady stream of leads and new opportunities.

    Ready for a Steady Source of New Clients? Discover How Other People’s Audiences Can Become Your Lead Goldmine.

    If you still aren't sure if this is the best next step for you, or you prefer working directly with me in my 12 week live cohort, then request a complimentary Fast Track Session to discuss your options and finalize the best resource for you. I'll even help you identify your top dormant Authority Accelerators!

    >> Request a Fast Track Session here. <<

    ©Copyright 2024 Melanie Benson Inc. | Terms & Privacy

    WAIT! Got Questions?

     If you still aren't sure if this is the best next step for you, then request a Fast Track Session to discuss your options and decide if the Guest Expert System is the best resource for you to start leveraging other people's podcast audiences and sign your next 3, 5-figure clients! 


    WAIT - Before You Go...

    Learn How to Avoid the 17 Biggest Mistakes When Podcast Guesting to Add An Additional
    6-Figures to Your Business

    Turn other people's podcasts into leads and clients without relying on referrals or expensive ads and start generating predictable revenue. 

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