Accelerate Coaching Transformation With Gamification

Gamification has been used in countless businesses to improve implementation of their offering, increase accountability, and even to build brand loyalty. But can playing a game actually reveal valuable information about who you are as a business owner? Can gamifying your life help you achieve goals that have been outside of your reach for far too long?

On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 349, Michael Stratford, founder of The Million Quest Consciousness, explores the power of gamifying your life and business. Michael, a seasoned coach with over 30 years of experience, introduces a unique framework that helps entrepreneurs turn their coaching businesses into impactful, revenue-generating ventures that align with their passion.

Together, Michael and I dive into the concept of gamification, highlighting how approaching life as a game opens up opportunities to create a path that fits your interests and desires. They discuss the seven realms of consistent challenges faced by individuals, including self, creation, relationship, community, and wealth. Michael shares his adventure experience, where participants are taken to three different gamified worlds, presenting them with challenges that mirror everyday obstacles, all with the goal of positively impacting the lives of one million sentient beings.

Throughout this insightful conversation, listeners will gain valuable insights into defining their own championship team, addressing toxic players, and assessing their personal and business environments. Join Melanie and Michael in this game-changing episode as they empower you to amplify your success by embracing gamification and creating a life and business that brings joy, impact, and fulfillment.

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Key Takeaways

  • [05:56] What solopreneur really means (and how to know if this is your role in business.)

  • [10:09] Working in your business vs working on it: the difference.

  • [14:51] Melanie and Janine discuss what their one core solutions are.

  • [16:46] Janine discusses the principle of sell first, then create.

  • [20:13] Why focusing on clients and building relationships will help you generate cash.

  • [23:49] Solving problems, networking, and helping others in business.


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About The Guest:

Michael Stratford is the founder of a new movement called “MillionQuest™️ Consciousness.” A MillionQuest™️ is defined and designed “To Positively affect the lives of one million sentient beings.”

To support this, in 2002, he began creating a gamified experiential adventure in self-transcendence called MillionQuest™️ 7 Realms of Self-Mastery.

It is unlike anything ever seen or experienced before in the personal and professional development world. Using Gamification, It is designed to support and challenge people to uplevel their Self-Mastery in each of 7 Realms: Self, Creation, Vitality, Relationship, Participation, Wealth, and CoExistence.

Michael’s background has been in the world of coaching for over 30 years. He is a champion of uniqueness in the context of collective endeavor and specializes in unorthodox thought leadership. When doing presentations, it’s been said he’s a blend of wise elder and wickedly irreverent comedian. But that doesn’t include the business savvy, range, and depth of experience garnered from 56 different jobs and the mastery born of over 3 decades of coaching clients from rock bands to Fortune 100 company executives and their teams.

In the field of Executive Coaching, he has earned a reputation for helping others achieve a level of excellence in communication, leadership, and team performance. Michael’s business client list is an exercise in diversification. It includes Finance, IT, Energy, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Social Media, the Online Gaming World, Transportation, and even other consulting/ coaching providers. He has coached clients in every industry, in almost every profession, at every level, around the globe.

In the field of Coaching, he was an early adopter attaining the Master Certified Coach designation from the International Coach Federation in 1999. In addition, he has created curriculum for 5 coach training organizations, is currently training coaches in China since 2014, and has trained over 8,000 coaches worldwide. He has written 4 books on coaching, including Masterful Questions, Hungers the Hidden Motivators, Directed Evolution, and The Game of Coaching.


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