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Strategies & Mindset Shifts To Become Future Ready

Information overload is a chronic issue for small business owners. Discovering how to prioritize and integrate essential information is not only an essential skill, but embracing life-long learning can be the key to being future-ready. 

Imagine being able to effortlessly adapt to the evolving landscape, avoiding obsolescence, and staying ahead of the industry changes. On episode 375 of Amplify Your Success, my guest serial entrepreneur James Longley and I delve into the strategies and mindset shifts essential for staying relevant. 

We cover everything from the power of asking the right questions, self-awareness, and the importance of continuous learning in maintaining a competitive advantage in your field.

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Key Takeaways:

  • [03:14] Why empowering lifelong learning provides a valuable business transformation.

  • [07:43] Using water as a metaphor, the importance of questioning information.

  • [12:02] Continuous cultivation of up-to-date knowledge essential.

  • [15:23] Information overload is a problem, the solution is clarity.

  • [17:23] When it is important to outsource decisions.

  • [20:27] How to filter out irrelevant tools for your business.

  • [24:44] Mindset is essential to embracing change and staying relevant in an constantly evolving world.


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About The Guest:

James Longley is a serial entrepreneur, lifelong learner, and co-founder of Learn & Think Better alongside holistic performance coach, co-founder, and his wife, Sveta Longley.

The product of over a decade in business, Learn and Think Better was founded on the belief that lifelong learning is at the heart of the personal and business transformation that leads to overall positive change in the world. They empower solo entrepreneurs and knowledge workers to unlock opportunities by building the rarest of assets: the valuable skills that can never be taken away — no matter what changing markets, AI, or other technological advances bring.

Their shared love of learning led them to create and refine the principle-based skill development system at the heart of their coaching program, The Future-Proof Entrepreneur.


Website & SM Links:

Website: https://www.learnandthinkbetter.com/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jameslongleyhq/


Resources Mentioned in This Episode:


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