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Ambitious entrepreneurs often have lots of great opportunities and no shortage of new offerings swirling around in their minds. In episode 13 of Amplify Your Success podcast I’m featuring an On Air Coaching Session for Operation Happiness author Kristi Ling. We dig into a few of her ideas and how to uncover her most profitable growth option amongst so many competing bright shiny ideas so she can grow her impact with more grace and ease.

Kristi Ling is the author of Operation Happiness, as well as a business and life coach who helps people create more happiness in their life.

Key Takeaways:

[2:02] Kristi Ling explains how her book tour became a bit of a distraction from her core business, and outlines all the different opportunities in front of her (including a new book deal!).

[3:48] Kristi shares the three big goals that she’d like to impact and her desire to increase her reach through each of her core offerings.

[6:30] Kristi and I talk about how the program, Spring Clean Your Spirit, works.

[8:19] I find a cool continuity income opportunity as a part 2 to the Spring Clean Your Spirit program. We talk through how it could work, how to price it, and what to include so that the growth comes with ease and grace.

[10:56] We discuss how to fill her program for maximum impact and the psychology behind launching a new program, including how to leverage strategic partners for new participants.

[13:12] Catch my subtle “expansive thinking” coaching as I quadruple Kristi’s goal for a successful program – and how she could achieve that big goal.

[16:06] Kristi reinforces one of her key values for making decisions – keeping things simple so she keeps mental bandwidth for writing her next book. Kristi shares how doing too much last year led to burn out.

[18:00] I’m not giving up on the continuity income idea – so I create a different way to create a “phase 2” that could provide ongoing income by leveraging partners teaching content instead of Kristi having to create a new content series.

[23:19] I cover the timeline of an ideal launch and the timing of when to bring partners on board and when to start promoting. I also cover some simple ways to increase sales with fast action bonuses.

[27:02] Our brainstorming gets Kristi’s wheels turning as she starts thinking outside of the box on how to partner with her publisher on her launch.

[30:44] A common mental roadblock for a successful launch, I help Kristi find a way to increase how often she emails her own community during a new product offer. We dig down into her sales data to uncover where her best sales come from so she knows where to focus her resources for lead generation.

[38:00] I talk about using Facebook Live and video to boost enrollments in Spring Clean Your Spirit. We explore a few of the toxic issues that her clients are dealing with, which leads to a new Preview Call title that really hits home for her ideal clients.

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