Being a podcast guest on OPP (Other People’s Podcasts) is my favorite strategy to boost business, attract ideal clients and raise your authority profile in your industry.

I get asked often, “Melanie, how do I find podcasts to be a guest expert on?”

As someone who routine receives about 20 pitches a day (and sometimes more) to get on Amplify Your Success Podcast, I can tell you that hiring a booking agency or cold pitching a popular host as you ask them to connect on Social Media is not always effective.

Here are five of my favorite strategies to find the podcasts to pitch your topic and share your message (and, of course, become your 24/7 client attraction system!)

1. Leverage your colleagues and competitors

A super easy way to find great podcasts to pitch is to check out the podcasts your competitors and colleagues share when they’ve been featured on their social media page. I’ve found some great podcasts over the years to listen to as well as reach out to by simply watching the shows my friends get booked on! If you are already following some of your like-minded business friends on social media, take a peek at the shows they’ve been featured on recently.

If they are actively speaking, chances are they’ll showcase some of their featured episodes on their media page.  Here’s how I showcase some of the hot podcasts I’m featured on (click the image to see updates as we refresh this page all the time.)

2. Do a Google Search

Searching Google can give you a different set of ideal podcasts to pitch. When I’m working with my VIP Clients on their guest expert strategy, I research on Google to see what the top ranked podcasts are and if there is a viable podcasts in their industry.

Try a few different keywords for your niche and industry to see what comes up. For instance, if you are a business coach, you might try searching for:

  • Business Podcasts
  • Entrepreneur Podcasts
  • Visibility Podcasts
  • Entrepreneur Mindset Podcasts
  • Women in Business Podcasts

If your ideal clients are leaders or C-Level Managers, you might try searching for:

  • Leadership Podcasts
  • C Suite Podcasts
  • Leadership Training Podcasts
  • Career Management Podcasts
  • Women in Leadership Podcasts

If your ideal clients are looking for health and wellness, you might try searching for:

  • Health and Wellness Podcasts
  • Spirituality Podcasts
  • Biohacking Podcasts
  • Functional Medicine Podcasts
  • Mindfulness Podcasts

You get the idea now, right? By the way, you can use this same keyword strategy for the next strategy too.

3. Research Podcast Directories

Searching podcast directories can help you find niche-specific podcasts. But directories like Apple Podcasts and Spotify don’t really have the best search function. ListenNotes is a great resource for doing searches (and it tells you the ranking of the show too.)



4. Build Your Network

Community is a powerful asset, no matter what kind of business or career path you are in. Intentionally connecting with other podcasters is a tried-and-true method to get the insider track to being invited onto OPP (Other People’s Podcasts.) And, some of my best business buddies have come from connecting with other podcasters!

Many podcaster’s will prioritize booking colleagues that they have some kind of relationship with over total strangers. By developing the Know-Like-Trust Factor through community, you can short cut your path to getting booked (and avoid the pitch process all together.)

Fast track this process by joining targeted Facebook Groups where the host regularly offers a “pitch your topic” or “share your podcast” thread (like we do each week in Amplify Your Authority Facebook Group!)


5. The Podcast Swap

My all-time favorite way to get invited onto hot podcasts and side-step the whole pitch process is through what’s called a “podcast swap.” This is where podcast hosts interview each other and “swap visibility opportunities.” Obviously, you need your own podcast or online show to make this work. 

Don’t have your own podcast or online show? You are missing out on a valuable way to showcase YOUR authority. You’ll want to nab my Authority Brand Podcast Toolkit here.

Before you jump on these steps to pitch yourself as a podcast guest and get yourself booked, be sure to follow these important steps so you don’t make one of the 17 common mistakes that keep you from benefiting from this valuable exposure:

  • Pick the RIGHT podcasts. Know who your ideal client really is to pick podcasts that will get you in front of them. Exposure to non-buyers doesn’t really have long-term value.
  • Create a MAGNETIC, compelling topic that a host can’t wait to book. Having a solid hook goes a long way to getting booked, especially if you don’t personally know the podcast host.
  • Have a STRONG Call To Action that is a “must-have” resource for your ideal clients. This is the key to monetizing your visibility! 

If you are new to being a guest expert and want to avoid all 17 of the common pitfalls and mistakes that end up costing you the lead (and wasting your valuable time) or you’ve been guesting on shows and podcasts and getting CRICKETS instead of hot leads, then you’ll want review my FREE Guide.

Inside I reveal the most common missteps that entrepreneurs and business owners make during their interviews that make them BORING and end up wasting your time, money and energy.

The good news is, with a few easy tweaks, you too can transform podcast guesting into your 24/7 lead source of great clients and high ticket program sales!

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