What if I fail?

​How many times have you held yourself back in your business (or even your life) by worrying about failing, what it will cost you, or what you might do if it doesn’t work out? Worrying about what might happen, or might not happen, is a pretty common reason why an entrepreneur never even leaves the starting gate.

As the quote goes, “What if I fall? But my darling, what if you FLY?”

What if it works AMAZING?

What if failing at this step means the door opens to the REAL path to your great success and impact?

I started my business in the year 2000. I’ve pivoted my brand at least 3 times. ​I’ve had some really amazing success. But I’ve also had a lot of failure. I used to take it personally and beat myself up. But I finally realized that taking bold leaps and challenging myself to achieve my dreams means I’ll also make mistakes. ​I will fail. And that’s a good thing.

​Because when you allow yourself to fail, you’ve accomplished three things:

  1. Every mistake or failure exposed a weak area or vulnerability to change. My first biggest business EPIC FAILURE was because I built my million dollar business around my team’s wants, not mine. Then I was so attached that I wasn’t nimble enough to shift gears quickly. Or the time that we lost $40k in revenues because we didn’t have a “check and balance” in our automatic billings. Or that time I hosted an event that put me almost $80k in debt and only made $30k in revenues. Each of these “failures” taught me something valuable so that I could become better in business.
  2. Rising up after a failed attempt makes us stronger. Succeeding is easy. But failing at something requires you to pick yourself up again and that makes us stronger. Sometimes its 100% an inner game dialogue to remind yourself of all of the silver linings or opportunities to grow. Failed attempts ALWAYS strengthen your resilience and determination if you let it. It is a choice to shift your energy away from the pain and into the learnings, but it can be done.
  3. What didn’t work steers us to where we are supposed to be. Today I’m doing what I’m ONE MILLION % passionate about. I’m in my zone of genius and have my offerings designed around MY SUPERPOWERS. Business growth feels more effortless now. Failure can be a big “warning sign” that you were headed in the wrong direction.

Don’t let a fear of failing hold you back anymore.

Decide what you want, what are you willing to do to get there, and be all in.

And remember this – if you are good at focusing on all of the reasons it might not work, you can also be good at finding all of the reasons it might work too. Focus on those.

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