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How to Accelerate Your Business Growth

Ready to break free from patterns that are holding you back and unlock your potential for exponential growth in your business this year? 

Sometimes what you stop doing is way more important than what you start doing. Adding new activity to boost sales is often the go-to solution. Before you add another to-do to your list, you’ll want to evaluate three common situations that actually block your ability to grow your reach and revenue.

On Amplify Your Success episode 368, I’ll unveil three critical things you must stop doing and three essential actions to start doing if you want to propel your success to new heights.

Drawing from my 24 years of coaching experience, I know the importance of identifying and eliminating tolerations that drain your energy and hinder your progress. Today, I’ll also explore the significance of stepping away from playing small in your business and instead embracing a bolder approach to your business and goals. We’ll also delve into the impact of simplifying your actions and the power of consistent, aligned efforts in realizing your authentic authority.

Tune in to gain practical insights and strategies that can help you navigate the year with a bolder, more impactful approach to your business, leading to meaningful traction and growth in your overall impact and success.

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Key Takeaways

  • [01:54] Why you want to start with the end in mind.

  • [5:19] 2024 is the year to embrace bolder goals in your life and business.

  • [07:40] The negative impact of tolerating undesirable experiences in your business and life.

  • [13:02] Why playing a bigger game and taking bold action causes you to accelerate desired results.

  • [14:13] The little known fact about 10x Growth: it isn’t about working harder. It’s about producing 10 times the results.

  • [20:19] The 2 types of approaches to bold goals (and why “feeling your way through” often leads to disappointing results.)

  • [23:33] Fostering consistent, authentic brand presence through content.

  • [25:28] Your 2024 formula for exponential growth: Plan, act boldly, be consistent, stand out.


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