Over the years I’ve found that some of the most effective marketing can cost very little (except for your time and energy of course.) For most entrepreneurs, these strategies are also the most fun, as you get to work with other exciting thought leaders and change agents. The best part is that these four influence boosters, when done well, will open up new markets quickly and position you as a credible expert and industry leader.

Option 1. Partner Up

One of the fastest ways to expand your marketing reach is to partner up with someone else who is serving your target audience. By tapping into a collaborative model you can instantly add thousands of eyes on your offerings without spending years building up a following of your own. I call this Collaboration Currency, and it will instantly position you as an influencer by the sheer fact that the partner is introducing you to their list or community. Here’s a few ways a collaborative partnership could work:

  1. Offer a valuable content-rich teleclass or webinar to their list
  2. Speak for free (you get the leads) at their workshop or event
  3. Bundle your offers so that they get your product when they buy a complimentary offering from your partner
  4.  Create a “back end” offer that your partner sells to their list
  5. Develop an offer that you deliver together. This could be a product or program.
  6. Do webinar swaps!

I’m just getting started but you can see there are lots of ways this works.

Option 2. Podcast Interviews

With the overwhelming growth of the podcasting marketplace, hosts are always on the look out to fill up their content calendar. This means there’s a huge opportunity to showcase your talents and get eyes on your offers with new audiences. In order to get maximum benefit from this “free” marketing, you’ll need three things:

  1. A signature topic that showcases your core message.
  2. Sample questions that the host can use to interview you.
  3. A lead magnet or free resource to guide listeners to.

To get started, listen to shows that interview guests. For instance, once a month I showcase a friend or colleague for Amplify Your Success Podcast (its on iTunes, Stitcher and my blog.) Start by checking out the iTunes podcasts using your keywords. Listen in to make sure you understand the hosts show flow and make sure your topic makes sense. Once you have your three components lined up, start reaching out to podcast hosts with your signature topic to see if they will book you. Be sure to read this post on being a sought-after podcast guest expert before you start pitching yourself.

Now another way to use podcasts is to become the host of your own show. But that’s not a FREE strategy. You’ll need to invest in some technology, as well as creating your podcast elements. But I figured I should put it out there.

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Option 3. Article Marketing

A third option that is really low cost (and often free) is to write articles to be featured for community platforms and blogs. Of course, you can always post on your own blog but that’s YOUR audience. The idea here is to leverage other people’s community. Create your best article (750 – 1500 words is ideal) then leverage it through one of these options:

  1. Pitch it to a mainstream media outlet (think: online magazine for your industry.)
  2. Become a featured contributor to a community blog.
  3. Create or join a blog sharing circle. There’s two out there that I know and use: Triberr.com and Social Buzz Club. The idea is you post on your site then using these blog sharing communities, your peers will share your post to their communities. Instant visibility!
  4. Use platforms like Linked In Pulse or Medium.com. Now both of these do depend on you creating a following on the platform, but like all good social media tools, you should be able to attract new fans through these platforms due to their viral nature.

Remember, these techniques only work when you align with influencers who serve YOUR target audience. Do your due diligence and make sure the opportunity is a good fit before you invest time and money.

Option 4. Use Video

Video is one of the best ways to gain massive traction in your online marketing. Video is catchy, especially when you use some of the new LIVE features on Facebook and Instagram. Every one of my Mastermind members is doing video to gain exposure and connect with their ideal clients. Don’t make it complicated. The key is to create video that tackles your ideal clients most pressing needs — and give examples and actionable content that inspires them to work with you!

I have a regular video series called Authority Amplifier Secrets (I go live inside my Amplify Your Authority FREE Facebook Group) — just so I can create short, power-packed video tackling the most common questions I get asked. Remember, the key is consistent, valuable videos that you share on all your platforms.

Now its your turn. Put one of these four strategies into action — and be sure to report back how it works.

But if you REALLY want to ramp up your results, and discover how to stop being a best-kept secret and become a Highly Paid Authority, be sure to get my downloadable 8 Step Roadmap and Training here. 





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