If you’ve ever felt like there was an invisible wall between you and a big goal like…

…successfully launching that new signature offer you talk about, but never make time to organize

…taking the bold action to introduce premium 4 & 5 figure offers

…bravely sharing the message that you know is right, but scares you a bit

…upping your game so your community really sees you as an authority  

…following up on that opportunity or potential 5 figure client

Then perhaps you’ve got energy leaks that are eroding your confidence and clarity.

An energy leak often catches you off guard as it often they slowly evolve from an annoying situation to a full-blown WTF situation that has stolen your focus.

A seed of doubt creeps in, so you throw on the brakes.

Which is followed by a serious case of Imposter Syndrome, which is now lodged in your mind.

Instead of taking action, you find yourself procrastinating doing the very things that could catapult your results.


My Own Energy Leaks

I’ve had my own issues with energy leaks that creep up and derail my confidence. At some point, I’ve personally experienced every one of these 7 energy leaks (and probably a few more!) Every time I have caught myself playing too small or holding myself back from taking a bold growth step, it’s always due to an energy leak.

One of my biggies is when I feel like I can’t count on a team member to do their job without a lot of hand-holding. But the super toxic one for me, is when I don’t have clarity on how to move an idea forward.

What I’ve realized is, it is super difficult to spot your own energy leaks. So I’ve outlined a few common ones below.

7 Common Energy Leaks That Keep Expert Entrepreneurs Stuck

If this is sounding uncomfortably familiar,  here are 7 common energy leaks I often coach my high-achieving clients through to get them out of neutral and into 5-6 figure months!

☑️ Lack of Clarity.

If you don’t have clarity on what to do next, or even how to achieve your goals, you may feel stalled and can’t get into action. A clack of clarity can derail your confidence as doubt and uncertainty cloud your vision.

The Fix: Even one hour invested with a good coach can help you clear away the foggy thinking and help you clarify a path to more income, impact and feeling aligned again. Start bringing clarity now by doing a simple “strengths and weaknesses” list to help you reconnect to your superpowers.

☑️ Negative Self-Talk.

When you fill your thoughts with “What if this doesn’t work,” ”I’m not good at this” or “I’m so overwhelmed”, you lower your vibration. A low-vibration causes you to feel hopeless, and not very resourceful. In this state, it’s common to throw on the brakes, or make short-term decisions out of fear that cause you to feel stuck in your current situation.

The Fix: Reframe negative thoughts to a more neutral one. For instance, “What if this doesn’t work” can become, “I’m willing to try something new to see if it can work.” or “I’m so overwhelmed” could be “I’ve got a lot on my plate today, but I’m resourceful and I will get through it all.” Small shifts in your thoughts can have a massive improvement in your energy, focus and motivation.

☑️ Comparing Your Results to Others.

When you compare your accomplishments against others in your industry, you may feel deflated or start to believe you aren’t good enough. Comparison-itis is a fast-pass to staying small as you’ll never believe you are where you need to be. 

The Fix: Instead of comparing yourself to others, use their accomplishments as inspiration. For instance, if you see someone with a similar business model who talks about making millions (but you’ve can’t get past the early 6 figures) recognize that if they can do it, you can do it. Then set out to discover the steps and strategies that led them to that success.

☑️ Poor Boundaries.

When you allow clients to derail your focus over and over again, or you discount your rates for that “one client” who later asks for the sun, moon and stars, resentment will creep in. Whether you don’t honor your own work hour commitments, or let others pile on their unplanned urgencies, poor boundaries can zap your energy and focus.

The Fix: Decide what is important to you, establish standards that support that outcome, then don’t compromise! Be willing to put boundaries into action (like saying no, establishing clear work hours and sticking to it, defining who your ideal clients are and not accepting people that don’t fit that criteria.)

☑️ Tolerating.

If you put up with bad behavior like clients who are always late on payments, technology that consistently fails you, or even a team member who can’t deliver on time, it can create doubt that you are ready to leap. Doubt is a common contributor to energy drains that hold you back from taking big leaps. Spending time with people who are negative, trash your goals, and spend time in activities that are not elevating your inspiration can lead to you experiencing more doubt than momentum. 

The Fix: Identify situations where you are tolerating something that is derailing you from tasks you should be focused on. Make a plan to resolve it then get into action. The cost of keeping tolerations is much greater than the investment in a better, more aligned solution.

☑️ Procrastination.

Got a habit of putting off activities that you know could propel your results? Always wait till the last minute then you use stress to fuel your motivation? Procrastination creates stress in your body and can drain your adrenals (which we all know leads to burn out!) A habit of putting things off until they are late or “just in time” creates neural pathways in the brain that require stress to take action. When bigger opportunities arise that you wish to pursue, these limiting patterns could provide “evidence” that you don’t have time to pursue them.

The Fix: Use a time management or project management system to identify project related tasks and their due dates. For some people, hiring a talented Online Business Manager or Virtual Assistant to take non-strength tasks off your plate can alleviate the “too many priorities, not enough time” conundrum.

☑️ Feeling Unaligned.

This energy drain can sneak up slowly when you make decisions from a place of believing you *should* do something, even though there is a niggly feeling that it’s not right for you. Recalibrating your business model in a way that doesn’t light your fire, even though your mentors says its right for you, is one way to end up out of alignment. Introducing a new offering that depletes you because it is not using your strengths is another way you can end up out of alignment. A sure sign you are out of sync is resenting an activity or feeling dread when it comes time to deliver.

The Fix: Discover what your true superpowers are (they do change and evolve over time.) One technique is to get a Human Design Reading focused on your business, messaging or money practices. One valuable outcome from understanding your Human Design is to recognize your most aligned decision making process so that you choose next steps that light you up!

Whether or not you feel it, energy leaks can slowly erode your motivation, your enthusiasm and motivation — and in some cases lead to health issues like adrenal burnout and chronic illness. Do the inner work now to uncover hidden energy leaks so you can raise your game without fighting yourself!

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