Captivate Your Audience To Attract More clients

Wouldn’t it be nice to introduce yourself at the next networking event with an elevator pitch and have a rush of people interested in your services?

Well, what actually happens for most service professionals is something very different, right? A new colleague asks you what you do and as you answer, you might notice their eyes glaze over or you notice their eyes searching for someone else in the room. 

When you know how to craft and deliver a “chill-worthy” elevator pitch, you can captivate their attention and create instant connections!

In Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 255, I’m joined by communications expert Neil Gordon who shares how to introduce yourself in a way that creates intrigue and interest (and possibly even clients too!)

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Key Takeaways

  • [5:57] The wrong answer most entrepreneurs give when asked “what do you do?”
  • [13:05]  The four parts of positioning what you do so that your audience leans in and wants to know more.
  • [16:02] How to use the silver bullet technique in your speeches, webinars, and marketing communications.
  • [21:02] Neil talks about why it’s crucial to not “overshare” and talk too much during an elevator pitch moment.
  • [25:17] How one webinar transformed Neil from a Lyft driver to a successful messaging and speaker consultant.
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About the Guest:

Neil Gordon helps experts become the face of a movement. He works with executives, influencers, and thought leaders and has helped them get six-figure book advances, be seen on shows like Ellen and Dr. Oz, and double their speaking fees. Prior to becoming a communications expert, he worked on the editorial staff of Penguin Random House where he worked with New York Times bestselling authors. He has been featured on Forbes, Fortune,, and NBC Palm Springs, and is a VIP contributor for Entrepreneur.

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