Two Surprising Sales Triggers to Reactivate Dormant Leads

How to Convert Leads to Clients

Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could go behind the scenes to see what’s REALLY working right now to transform leads into paying clients? Every entrepreneur and online business owner has heard how important it is to have a podcast and host webinars.

But most business owners end up with lurkers — dormant leads that hang about on their email list or just scroll through your social media feed and don’t take action.

If these popular authority positioning strategies aren’t working for you right now, should you ditch it and try something else?

If you’ve hosted a webinar that got “meh” attendance and felt disappointed by the sales…

Or wonder how you’ll be able to monetize your podcast since you don’t have a lot of downloads…

Then Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 249 is going to turn the light bulb on so that you can finally transform your dormant social media leads and email subscribers into new paying clients. 

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Key Takeaways

  • [1:08] Go behind the scenes to learn first-hand what worked during a recent program offering (and some cool new stuff like our newly rebranded website!)
  • [2:05] What a sales trigger is and why you need one to activate dormant leads.
  • [4:22] How to get the gold out of a lead generation strategy, even if it doesn’t perform the way you imagined 
  • [5:43] How your podcast can become a credibility boost for high-ticket clients
  • [9:10] What to do with a webinar to increase sales and consultation bookings, even if you don’t get a lot of people attending the webinar.
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