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Create Data Driven Marketing That Attracts Ideal Clients

To grow your small business beyond six figures, you’ll need to use more than just your intuition and gut instincts. That’s where data becomes a valuable tool to make decisions around marketing and growth strategy. With millions of marketing strategies available, knowing which ones to use, and when to use them can save you from making a costly investment! But what kind of data do we really need to use?

On episode 345 of Amplify Your Success I talk with Tamara Thompson, CEO of Broadcast Your Authority, and we dive deep into the topic of data driven marketing. Through intentional content creation and leveraging YouTube, Tamara reveals some of her secret sauce to helping YouTube podcasts gain thousands of downloads and viral video success.

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Key Takeaways

  • [05:13] How Tamara’s love for video led to her YouTube success.

  • [10:16] Why podcasters and content creators MUST be leveraging YouTube (hint: it’s the second largest search engine after Google.)

  • [14:03] ]The importance of focus on niche, consistency, and efficient content creation.

  • [18:42] Tamara shares a client case study on a very niche-specific topic going viral on YouTube podcasts.

  • [24:27] How intentional keywords work to attract ideal clients (and a great example of this in action!)

  • [28:00] Creating intentional content, engaging with audience preferences, repurposing into micro content efficiently using AI.


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About The Guest:

Tamara is an investor, Founder, & CEO of Broadcast Your Authority, a team-managed, data-driven content agency specializing in marketing and creating micro-content repurposed from weekly podcasts to help sustainable companies, influencers, and experts to position themselves as respected industry leaders. She helps clients reach more people through omnipresence, optimization, and a consistent done-for-you strategy. 

She began her video marketing career as the Founder of Serious Take Productions in 2013. She directed entrepreneurial films that sold out in national film festivals and shared snippets that went viral on YouTube. IndieFlix noticed her films and acquired them for distribution. Then with her interest in how viral videos worked, she was determined to help others grow their channels. In 2015, she started sharing her methods on the stage, in podcasts, and on YouTube.


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