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Meet your Host: Melanie Benson

If you wish you could amplify your message without all the overwhelm, or have felt invisible to your perfect clients (which has lead to a lack of sales), then I'm glad we've met. I’m a Profit Amplifier & Visibility Catalyst for expert-preneurs and service providers. I help you lean into your superpower, create a magnetic message, and develop a platform to amplify your reach...and your revenue.

I’ve worked with thousands of emerging thought leaders and experts who want to ditch the rat race and focus on what really moves the needle...fast.

I’ve been an industry influencer and trailblazer for 20 years...and I focus on creating sustainable success (not a quick flash of success that you get bored with!)

I host the weekly podcast, Amplify Your Success, am author of Rewired for Wealth and co-author of the best-seller, Voices of the 21st Century and Entrepreneur.com’s Start Up Guide to Starting an Information Marketing Business.

I have been a four-time featured ICON of Influence at New Media Summit, and have had my success tips featured in magazines such as American Express OPEN Forum, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Woman’s Day, Parenting Magazine, and University of Phoenix Alumni Magazine.

But what I really want you to know is I'm here for you, to help you achieve the level of success you've been dreaming of. I hope you'll join us for this special event -- I'm beyond excited to share this collection of resources with you!

And get the inside scoop on a can’t-miss opportunity to attend our one-day only Create Your Own Economy Virtual Event with our expert panel of contributors on November 16th.

Take Charge Of Your Profits!