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Jennifer Henczel - 5 Day Book Bliss Bootcamp ($197 Value)

Let’s kickstart your idea into reality! You have the ideas, right? Maybe you’ve even started writing. Now, you just need the information and tools to push through and make it happen.

In this bootcamp you'll gain:

> Exclusive Facebook group where you’ll learn how to publish your book in 5 days.
> 5 step-by-step training videos with instructions.
> Download the handouts, checklists, guides and workbooks (high-value exercises).
> Complete apx. 20 – 60 minutes a day of homework.
> Post, share and get feedback so you’re never left with unanswered questions.
> Connect with other authors or authors-to-be!

Nikki Rausch - Converting Consultations Into Paying Clients ($147 Value)

Converting Consultations Into Paying Clients teaches participants how to master the consultation/discovery call process. These techniques create safety for the prospect and give a clear step-by-step approach for the sales person to seamlessly close more deals.

Converting Consultations Into Paying Clients is for people who want to:

> Increase their rate of conversion
> Avoid the missteps costing you clients
> Be more strategic during consultations
> Stop dreading the pricing discussion
> End a consultation gracefully

Lou Bortone - Cool Tools: The Best Video Tools & Hidden Gems to Make You an Online Video Rockstar!
($197 Value)

With this bundle, you'll discover:

> The best, low-cost, easy-to-use video tools
> How to crank out cool content consistently
> Tried and tested video apps, software and gear
> The inside scoop on video "hacks" and shortcuts
> How to look like a video pro on a tight budget

Deb Coman - How to Start Trust-Building Conversations that Ignite Sales ($197 Value)

During this 4-part roadmap you'll learn how to step into and create meaningful online conversations that:

> Increase visibility.
> Showcase your expertise and build social proof.
> Borrow influence and expand your reach.
> Attract new followers and deepen relationships.
> Lead to connection, collaborations, and sales.

Anke Herrmann - How to Tame the Virtual Event Tech Monster ($197 Value)

Thinking of hosting virtual events to grow your business ... but dreading the tech?

Setting up the tech for a successful virtual event doesn't have to be complex. It won't be a hurdle if you know which platforms to use, and which steps to take in which order.

You'll get to look over my shoulder - I'll SHOW you, step by step.

You'll discover:

> why you want to "make things as simple as possible, but not simpler"
> the simplest effective setup using tools you likely already have
> easy steps you can take to have more people attend your event

Nina Cooke - ADVANCED Self Mastery Training: Develop a FEARLESS Business Mindset ($497 Value)

Create A Fearless Business Mindset with this 3-part training where you will:

> Become your own Mindset Coach so that you can Self-Coach to the next levels of Success in your business
> Identify your most powerful Limiting Beliefs and permanently release them to consistently take new revenue-generating actions that will bring in more clients
> Use your new Super Powers to create significantly more Success & Abundance in your business and life

A 1:1 “Review your Limiting Money and Self-esteem Beliefs Call” with me. I will personally work with you for 30 minutes to review your unique blocks and I’ll share top tips on how you can get even more ease and flow into your business.

Mostafa Hosseini - Simple Time Management Formula ($497 Value)

In this course you will discover:

> How to setup your daily activities to make sure you will cover all important aspects of your business
> Create a system for your self that you can follow, a system that guarantees results
> The proven daily routines that most millionaires and billionaires follow to achieve maximum results in their lives and businesses
> Templates for Weekly Default Schedule and Daily routines included

Bill Prater - Business Breakthrough Formula™

($397 Value)

You will learn the three essential elements of your business owner's position description.

These vital skills are proven to be the catalysts responsible for propelling rapid and sustainable business growth and prosperity.

**Use Coupon CREATE

Karen McGregor - Webinars That Sell ... and Why Most Don't Masterclass ($197 Value)

Join us to learn the most important way to gain direct sales and new clients - all in 60 minutes or less! Webinars and digital presentations are abundant online, but how do you stand out amongst the crowd, and more importantly, how do you get results for your business using webinars and digital talks?

In this masterclass, we will address all of this and more. Learn how to:

> Gain maximum sales and engagement in your webinars and talks
> Use key components to create and deliver your digital presentation
> Understand why your digital talk and your offer are not leading to sales (and how to do the opposite)

Samantha Riley - Clients Next Week ($297 Value)

You're really good at what you do. Actually, you're not good, you're awesome!

You get amazing results for your clients.

But, you feel invisible. Like the World's Best Kept Secret.

It's time to step up and attract more clients:

> Develop your authority positioning in a way that your audience can easily understand what you do and who you work with. Stop attracting the people who don't value what you have to offer.
> Deploy the profitable profile blueprint to ensure your social media profiles stand out, connect with the people who align with your values, and are remembered by your ideal prospects.
> Create A System that keeps your audience highly engaged, so you have prospects putting their hand up to work with you each and every week.

Erin Loman Jeck - Epic Events Course ($697 Value)

Learn how to:

> Launch
> Plan
> Fill
> Enroll
> Monetize your events

Lisa Buyer - Modern PR Secrets ($497 Value)

Attract the media. Be the media. Unlock secrets in Module 1 to the ultimate blend of public relations, SEO, and social media optimization to get ultimate media exposure for your brand.

Don't waste your time paying a PR agency or publicist when you can DIY!

> Get Famous in the Media-Boost Social Proof and Organic Visibility
> How to be a Guest on a Podcast or Host your own
> Find your Brand PR Voice
> Become a Social PR Savage
> Learn how to use SEO PR, for Top Page Google Results

Heather Campbell - The Business Builder Acceleration Guide ($147 Value)

Get access to The Business Builder {Legal} Acceleration Guide!

> This guide is normally only available through my online store for $147, or inside of the Business Builder Basics Bundle which I sell for $497)
> It will save you dozens and dozens of hours of research, headaches and problem solving, potentially thousands and thousands of dollars in your business by helping you avoid common, and expensive mistakes.
> This detailed (10 page) guide is in an easy-to-follow checklist format and will help you walk step by step through your potential legal needs in your business - it is designed to help you build your business the right way, and protect what you build!

Maruxa Murphy - Create a Profitable Facebook Group In a Day Workshop ($197 Value)

Learn how to create and make sales through your own Facebook Groups in just 3 hours!

> Increase the profitability of your Facebook Group
> Get more leads and prospects into your groups
> Drive consistent, paying customers and prospects into your group
> Transform a community into a profit center in your business
> Gain hands-on experience with these strategies so you can create your own proven pathway to success with your group

Virginia Muzquiz - Quit Prospecting, Get Referred Online Course ($297 Value)

Define your perfect niche, attract your ideal avatar and discover the secret to creating a network of referring fans so you have the money to do what you love and the time to enjoy it!

This 4 Module Online Course includes:

> Lifetime access to the Quit Prospecting, Get Referred eLearning portal
> Mentorship through Virginia’s private Get Connected Facebook group
> One laser coaching call with a Master Connectors expert coach

Melanie Benson's
Rewired For Wealth Plus Audio ($197 Value)

Discover how you can rewire your success program to finally shift from Struggle or Over Drive to Thrive for a more expansive paradigm of success.

Learn how the subconscious mind gets programmed for scarcity and struggle -- and what to do immediately to break free of those invisible shackles so you can achieve higher levels of success...almost like it's on auto-pilot!

Learn what characteristics each of the seven MoneyDNA Blueprints carry that cause you to work harder than necessary to achieve your financial -- and business -- goals.

Uncover why you can be smart, talented AND successful -- and continue to struggle to consistently generate your desired revenue goals.

Don't Forget These Valuable Biz Growth Resources!

Grow and Profit from Your Email Subscribers With Ellen Finkelstein ($247 Value)

Grow and Profit from Your Email Subscribers

3 parts cover everything you need to know —including topics not covered elsewhere.

Part 1 — THE FREE OFFER: This is the starting point for your business. It covers how to make your free offer irresistible, valuable—and legal. And how to track your conversion rate so you get the most subscribers.

Part 2 — PROMOTION: You need to get people to see your free offer—or it's useless. It covers the 5 ways to get traffic to your free offer.

Part 3 — EMAIL MARKETING: Too many online business owners fall short when it comes to sending out emails that build trust AND convert. It covers the various techniques for sending out emails that develop a responsive list of subscribers.

Validate Your Online Course Idea Mini-Course, from Julie Hood ($197 Value)

Are you thinking about launching an online course? Wondering if your idea is any good? Want to save time and money BEFORE you invest in developing it?

Use this free mini-course and in just 15 minutes, you'll know:

> Whether your idea is going to work in your market.
> Where its time to start marketing (and selling!) your course,
> How to put together a framework that makes your course stand out online in a sea of similar courses!

The Podcast Monetization Workshop from Adam Schaeuble ($497 Value)

The Podcast Monetization Workshop will provide over 7 HOURS of training from podcasting pros that are monetizing their show in multiple ways including:

> How to attract and lock in lucrative sponsorships.
> How to monetize with online coaching.
> How to do join venture partnerships and affiliate marketing.
> How to create high ticket offers that your listeners will love.
> How to monetize with live/virtual events and workshops.

How To Create A System That Boosts Your Podcast Guesting ROI with Lyndsay Phillips ($197 Value)

The Podcast Guesting Tracking System I use for clients that tracks what shows they’ve pitched on, recorded and gone live. No more wasted time, or opportunities that disappear into a black hole!

Learn how to ensure you have a TON of content and interviews to promote and leverage to boost your authority and visibility!

5 changes you can implement to increase your chance of getting booked and attracting your ideal client!

An easy way to test what types of shows are bringing in leads and ideal clients. These statistics are gold. (After all, why be a guest on shows that are not bringing you leads OR ideal clients.)

What data will allow you to make informed decisions about the types of podcasts you want to be booked on to boost sales and conversions.

How To Create Hot Selling Programs with Eva Gregory ($497 Value)

Ready to create Hot Selling Programs that have clients pounding down your door...for FREE?

With Eva's step-by-step system, you'll discover:

> The simple 3-step process to take you from set-up to first sale without the stresses of complicated product launches.
> The critical concerns you must address when creating your program. If you get nothing else, this section is the most important one to work through.
> Go from confused to crystal clear action taker in just a few short hours, so you can create a solid offer your Divine Client will simply not be able to resist.

Message Litmus Test with Cindy Schulson ($297 Value)

Lack of a clear message is the #1 challenge that stops most coaches from attracting their ideal clients.

But how do you know if your message is effective?

> Get this free Message Litmus Test and discover the 10 criteria for a message that captivates your ideal clients.
> You'll also get a BONUS video training that shows you how to use your message to attract your ideal clients.
> AND have the chance to win a Message Makeover with Cindy (Value $1200)

Personal Branding Basics with Christine Gritmon ($200 Value)

Nowadays it seems like everyone is a "brand"—but what exactly does that mean, and do you need one as well?

This introductory video & companion worksheets will explain:

> What your personal brand is and isn't
> How to begin figuring out some elements of your own personal brand
> Strategies for expressing your personal brand online in an effective, impactful way