Nab My Profit Explosion Toolkit (normally $197) and I'll show you how to create consistent, predictable cash flow without working more hours in your business.

Get Ready to Amplify Your Profits The Easy Way!

In fact, there’s an easier way -- a ridiculously simple way -- for you to demolish your profit roadblocks and create a highly profitable offer that has your clients clamoring to buy from you and generates predictable income.

Download my proven profit accelerator (the same exact system I customize for every $10k VIP Client and Amplify Mastermind member) and I'll walk you through step by step how to get these results in YOUR business too.

You can get my popular, proven toolkit absolutely FREE as my gift to you! (Regularly $197)

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This Is For You If....

  • You’re working hard, but you’re not getting the clients -- or the income -- you desire.
  • You have difficulty creating a plan for predictable cash flow and following it.
  • You’re putting in long hours and you feel like you’re stretched super-thin, but you’re still not where you want to be.
  • You "forget" to plan your promotions then scramble trying to fill your next program or make your sales goals.
  • You feel invisible, like your ideal clients aren’t seeing you, and you don’t have an offer that resonates.
  • You often feel like you are trapped in a "trading time for money" revenue rollercoaster and are ready to amplify results without the stress.

What You'll Gain Access to With the Profit Explosion Toolkit!

 A Downloadable Revenue Rush Toolkit to customize and use over and over again! 

4 Easy To Use Cash & Marketing Planning Templates

Use these 4 Planning Steps to Transform Your Cash Flow

One thing entrepreneurs struggle with is planning out their goals, or moving those plans from idea to execution. With this 4-Step Process I'll show you how to identify your "profit explosion" opportunity, create a 12 month "cash flow" plan, map out your marketing steps AND stay focused on your most important business growth goals!

 Plus 2 "Profit Explosion" Video Trainings Based on 21 Years of Profit-Boosting Results, Where You'll Learn...

  • How to uncover YOUR Unique Profit Amplifier, resolve common Profit Leaks and tap into Six Profit Boosting factors that ANY entrepreneur can benefit from to achieve greater clarity, focus and profit potential in their business.
  • How to use the 4-part Profit Explosion Toolkit in a step-by-step tutorial -- so you don’t have to go it alone. I'll guide you through how to use this tool, almost like I'm coaching you one on one!

Ready to create consistent cash flow
you can count on?

Here's what to do:

First, access your on-demand training.

Second, watch the three video trainings where I'll walk you through where to find dormant profits and low-hanging fruit already in your business.

Third, fill out the easy to use planner (you'll be able to download this to your desktop) and map out your 12 month Revenue Rush strategy.

Fourth, implement! Then watch the steady stream of cash flow into your business.


You can get my popular, proven toolkit absolutely FREE as my gift to you! (Regularly $197)

We value your privacy and would never spam you

 Meet Some of my Clients Who Have Invested In Profit Explosion Toolkit and Generated a Massive ROI!

Park Howell

Huge Profits Uncovered

“Melanie helped me uncover huge profits that were right under my nose. It was worth every penny I invested to help me expand my impact and income.”

Park Howell Business of Story
Diane Gardner

Tripled My Revenue

“I had a long time goal of working less than 40 hours but breaking 7 figures in revenue…but all I had was overwhelm. Melanie showed me where my Unique Profit Amplifier was dormant (even though it was an offering I sold from time to time) and how I could create a consistent flow of sales — and recurring 7 figure revenue — by simply retooling my marketing efforts. I was able to triple my revenue in the first 6 months (and cut 10 hours out of my work week!)”

Diane Gardner Tax Coach 4 You
Pam Ivey

Discovered my True Profit Center

“Using these tools, I discovered that I was chasing bright shiny objects that were stealing time away from my true profit center. By making a few changes in my priorities, I saw a HUGE ROI — this was worth 10 times more than the $20k I invested in someone else’s coaching program.”

Pam Ivey Online Marketing Manager

If you feel like you’re working WAY too hard for your current level of income, then you’re facing the same dilemma as many other entrepreneurs.

I’m Melanie Benson, I'm known internationally as a Profit Amplifier.

Over the last 20 years I’ve coached every level of entrepreneur -- some who were making seven figures but experiencing consistent cash flow challenges, many who couldn’t break past the early five figures! I developed an easy-to-implement strategy designed to give profit-challenged entrepreneurs a simple way to stop grinding out a living, and start building a business they love.

The Profit Explosion Toolkit: Create Your 12 Month Revenue Rush Plan is kinda like having a GPS in your car to get you where you want to go. It maps out for you EXACTLY what you need to do, what UPA to offer, and precisely when -- to get the results you want.

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