Tap Into The Gold from Influencers in Your Community Network

Access New Markets & Eager Prospects in Your Community Network

There is a goldmine of opportunity inside your community network – and 99% of it is probably untapped. When you intentionally cultivate and nurture relationships with other influencers in your network, opportunities will flow to you over and over again.

It’s time to tap into your colleagues and competitors so you can access new markets and eager prospects who are searching for you and your solutions right now – without spending a ton of money and time pitching cold connections.

On episode 276 of Amplify Your Success Podcast discover my 4 step process to cultivating a rich network of high-quality opportunities to share your message and attract new clients.

Key Takeaways

  • [3:02] You can’t keep a strong email list on your own. It’s easier when you tap into other experts’ communities. 
  • [4:52] The secret to aligning with your competitors lies in solving problems they create. 
  • [5:18] Who should you intentionally cultivate a relationship with (and yes, your competitors too.)
  • [11:52] How to research and vet potential alliances before you commit.
  • [13:13] The key to keeping your connections organized (and a few of my favorite tools.)
  • [17:00] Why podcasters have the advantage of collaboration with high-profile partners.
  • [16:41] My 50/10 focus strategy and how to use it to build your network.
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