5 Ways To Change Competitor Into Profitable Collaboration Partner

Learn How to Collaborate with Peers Who Share Your Ideal Audiences

Collaboration is a valuable strategy to co-create opportunities, especially with your competitors and colleagues who have similar offerings. But many business owners stop exploring a win-win opportunity to market to each other’s audiences the moment they sense competition.

What if your best new clients will emerge by unlocking the synergy instead of focusing on the similarity in offerings?

On episode 308 of Amplify Your Success Podcast, I’ll show you how to unlock riches and make a greater impact by collaborating with peers who offer similar services and products to your ideal audiences (and everyone wins!)

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Key Takeaways

  • [2:22] How 3 key relationships brought me a million + in revenue, even though we were competitors.
  • [5:20] The first key to unlock collaboration from a competitor lies in your mindset. 
  • [10:06] How to find synergy with a competitor to get past the feelings of competition.
  • [12:47] What relevance is and how to use it in your messaging to attract synergistic partners.
  • [17:02] Why I like hosting your own podcast to help you take the lead and initiate collaboration conversations.
  • [18:06] A super simple first step you can take with a competitor that allows you to “test” the relationship.
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