Imagine Having Your Competitors and Colleagues Sending You an Endless Supply of DREAM Clients and Profit-Producing Opportunities...

Discover the Simple Formula to Activate Collaboration Partners (and Turn on Another 6 Figures in Revenue This Year!)

It's Your Turn to Amplify Your Authority By Consciously Cultivating Strategic Business Relationships in this 3 Part On Demand Training to discover your new growth accelerator!

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Not sure how to evaluate a potential collaboration partner before you say yes? I've included 15 important factors to help you know what to ask, what to evaluable and identify who is the right fit for you.


15 Factor Checklist

15 Factors to Help you Attract, Vet and Prosper with your Ideal Collaboration Partners


Collaboration Currency Roadmap to Profits

90 Day Plan to Transform your connections into profitable collaboration partners. 

Training # 1

Why Collaboration Currency Is The Fastest Route to Getting In Front of An Audience of HOT Leads and Ideal Clients

Imagine activating a consistent flood of new clients and ideal opportunities by borrowing influence from other big name successes in your industry. You'll discover how to build a multiple 6 or 7-figure expert-based business through consciously collaborating with other influencers so that everyone wins! This strategy is a game-changer and you won't want to hold off on implementing this.


  • How to Boost Influence Quickly: The simplest way to elevate your authority and activate new ideal leads (and only a fraction of your competitor's are using this strategy.)
  • The Not-So-Secret "Lead Acceleration" Technique: Why your competitors and colleagues will want to showcase you to their audiences.
  • Know The Game : The importance of playing the "long game" and picking partners who can (and will) support you for life.

Training # 2

How to Vet and Find The Best Collaboration Partners for You and Your Business

Let me reveal the simplest and most effective way to open up a collaboration opportunity, even with business owners you've never known before!

  • Eliminate Wasted Time: Know how to identify great partners before you invest too much time and energy.
  • Tap Into a Win-Win-Win Source: Learn the top 4 ways to connect with new collaboration opportunities.
  • Clarify to Connect: How to identify and prioritize the influencers, experts and industry colleagues that you'll consciously move forward with.

Training # 3

Proven Strategies to Unlock The Riches In Your Connections

Discover why most collaboration attempts never get out of the starting gate (and using my Collaboration Currency Roadmap, how you can activate your dream partners within the next 90 Days!)


  • The Leader Position: How to flip the script, stop waiting for invitations, and claim your Unique Collaboration Formula.
  • Recognize Collaboration Blockers: Discover the common areas that produce friction, fear and procrastination.
  • Start Profiting Now: The power of being intentional with your Dream 25 List so you activate your internal "turbo-charge" mode.

Meet Your Coach

For those that don’t already know me, I’m Melanie Benson, Authority Amplifier for expert-based business owners and service professionals. I also host the Amplify Your Success Podcast.

Twenty years ago, I discovered one game changing strategy that radically grew my business. Instead of struggling to break out of the $1,500 a month income trap, this one strategy catapulted my revenue and created a non-stop flood of ideal clients, media mentions and speaking opportunities. I call it "Collaboration Currency" -- 4 consciously cultivated strategic relationships generated my first $1 million in business revenue. This strategy continues to help me thrive in business 20 years later!  


Now I'd like to guide you through how to activate the power of Collaboration Currency in your business. At the completion of the 3 Part online training, you'll have a Collaboration Currency Roadmap to help you turn on a HOT source of great opportunities!



Meet Some Of My Graduates

Here's how they've used these techniques to accelerate their growth too.

Anne Lackey

“I’ve employed a lot of coaches and mentors, but what I appreciate about Melanie is her methodology. Through her process we’ve been able to identify a new profit path and uncover our ‘authority blockers.’ One small change helped us reduce sales friction and increase enrollments!”

Anne Lackey HireSmart Virtual Employees
Sharon Christie

“Melanie’s collaboration strategies helped me boost my authority as a success coach for women lawyers — and in two weeks I landed two hot podcasts to be a guest expert on. I’m moving full steam ahead with a plan to fill my new program.”

Sharon Christie Bold Women Lawyers
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