Imagine your competitors, your peers and even your best clients sending you an endless flow of ideal opportunities that lead to more sales.

Sound impossible?

Wondering why your competitors send you leads?

Its true. I’ve found immense success from collaborating with other business owners who have very similar businesses.

Collaboration is the idea that when we work towards win-win outcomes we can eliminate the feeling of competition and exponentially expand opportunities. In a collaborative environment, competitors recognize that there is an abundance of opportunity instead of seeing a limited pool that will disappear over time.

As entrepreneurs, when we activate Collaboration Currency as a conscious business growth strategy, we tap into opportunities that would normally take years to cultivate on our own.

The key to activating Collaboration Currency lies in being intentional rather than reactive. It take a LOT more work to activate strategic partner support out of thin air. The best networks are nurtured before asking a collaboration partner to promote.

Before I cover six ways collaborations currency can boost your influence, let’s get clear if you would even benefit from this growth strategy.

6 Signs An Entrepreneur Would Benefit From Collaboration Currency

  1. Your best sales come from referrals.
  2. Your email list is “stale” or you don’t have a big enough community to deliver enough sales.
  3. The prospects you are attracting aren’t “invested” in you as their solution…yet.
  4. Your brand doesn’t have enough market traction.
  5. You’ve tapped out leads in all of your normal marketing activities.
  6. You are ready to grow exponentially and scale your business rapidly.

How Collaboration Currency Grows Influence

I personally have experienced Collaboration Currency like masterminding on steroids. As business owners of like-mindedness gather to co-create something better, the outcome potential grows exponentially. Its similar to the snowball effect — think of what happens to a small, hand-sized snowball that is rolled down a snow covered mountain. By the time the snow ball hits the bottom, its gathered momentum, speed and increased in size.

Here are some of the ways Collaboration Currency works:

  1. Borrowing influence from other influential business leaders elevates your brand…fast. its the “who you now, not what you do” principle (but better because everyone wins.)
  2. When a business owner showcases another business owner to their community, there is implied credibility given. You are now on the radar of a completely new group of leads that would have taken years and thousands of dollars to cultivate on your own.
  3. Collaborations, especially events where several guest experts join forces to share their message, can create buzz and momentum that’s really difficult to achieve as an individual. As everyone promotes the event, each individual guest expert gains exposure to new audiences.
  4. Being a guest expert on other people’s podcasts is a form of collaboration that can rapidly boost authority. Its why its one of my favorite client attraction techniques.
  5. Social Media connections can lend you their influence by simply sharing posts and actively highlighting you with Twitter Chats, Instagram Lives or Facebook Lives.
  6. Leadership teams are often a form of collaboration where influential members of an association or industry will gather to lead a group. These collaborative leadership teams co-create strategy and serve a community and in exchange, the members are elevated into leadership status.

Over the last 20 years, collaborations have helped me tap into millions of dollars of new business, speaking opportunities all over the world, as well as amazing clients. I’ve also had quite a few “flops” and energetically draining strategic partners that never could quite deliver results. Consciously choosing to nurture relationships and take the lead to create opportunities requires a bit of strategy to get great results.

Now, its time for you to activate the power of Collaboration Currency in your industry.

First, decide what you’d like to collaborate on. What kind of offer or authority platform could you invite others into?

Second, start making a list of people who already serve your target audience. This is the fun part! Dream big and create some connections with new alliances.

Third, start building the connection. That’s as easy as following them on social media and learning what they post about.

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