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3 Part On Demand Training

Part 1: How to Unlock Collaboration Currency

Part 2: Activate Collaboration Currency with Your Customized Roadmap

Part 3: Proven Authority Accelerators to Shatter Your Limits and Expand Reach

15 Factors Checklist To Help You Attract, Vet & Prosper With Your Collaboration Currency Partners.

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>> Cover The Key Factors To Active Your Collaboration Currency

>> Create Your Roadmap

>> Build Your Ripple Effect

>> Discover Your Collaboration Sources

>> Map Out Your Accelerators

>> Create Your Next Steps

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Client Success Stories

Gail Watson Gail Watson , Women Speakers Association; President

“Melanie empowered me (as a global leader in the speaking community) to implement and follow-through on new systems…on how to communicate with individual learning styles and make sure I stay aligned with our team’s goals…my expectations were truly exceeded.

Following her advice, we have implemented strategies that brought in triple our income, as well as increased our leads by 10 times.”

Diane Gardner Diane Gardner, TaxCoach4You

“I had a long time goal of working less than 40 hours but breaking 7 figures in revenue…but all I had was overwhelm. Melanie showed me where my Unique Profit Amplifier was dormant (even though it was an offering I sold from time to time) and how I could create a consistent flow of sales — and recurring 7 figure revenue — by simply retooling my marketing efforts. I was able to triple my revenue in the first 6 months (and cut 10 hours out of my work week!) plus I found about $600k in revenue potential by shifting my attention and team's time."

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