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How to Work With Me

Coaching with a trained, successful mentor is one of the most effective ways to shorten your path to better results. Think of coaching as your rocket fuel. When you work with the right mentor, they become your catalyst that ignites your momentum, while uncovering your most aligned and accelerated path to success.

Most high-achievers know that they can't see in their blind spots, but when working with a coach, will achieve more than they ever could on their own. Its important that any big leap in business growth start with a strong mindset around money and resources so that you can achieve outcomes you never believed were possible.

Before you choose a coach, you'll want to know that I'm a trained professional coach (a certified Results Coach and graduate of Coach University.) I've also built my own 7-figure business so I know first hand what to do (and more importantly what not to do.) And I've coached hundreds of conscious business owners to produce high six and seven figures in their own businesses.

Now, let's determine the best program I offer to help you get better results...

Own Your Bold® Inner Circle

Monthly Guidance to Shatter Your Limits and Exponentially Expand Your Earnings

In this level of group coaching, I'll show you how to "bold up" your approach while you break through to new levels of earning -- and impact. Includes monthly calls, office hours and a start up "Clarity Call" for a personalized game plan.

This is the perfect step if you:

  • Have a goal that's bigger than you know how to pull off
  • Thrive with the accountability and momentum of a group
  • Soar as you gain more confidence, courage and clarity from knowing the RIGHT action steps.
  • Have an offering that you'd like to perform better (aka you want more sales, more clients or more enrollments.)
  • Want access to my coaching but don't feel ready to invest in the Leader's Mastermind

Lorianne Speaks

“I enrolled in the Own Your Bold one year — and its been amazing. Within the first three weeks Ive almost increased my client base by ten times by following the monthly challenges. Plus Melanie shares AMAZING resources that have helped me get booked on podcast interviews. I’m on fire!”

Lorianne Speaks LVS Consulting
Dr. Sirena Pellarolo

“Within the first 30 days I had increased my sales by four times — but even more valuable was clearing a limiting belief that was holding me hostage. Melanie helped me gain the confidence and clarity to get my sales flowing again. I love this program!”

Dr. Sirena Pellarolo The Midlife Midwife

90 Minute Strategy Session

90 Minute Private, Virtual Session to Accelerate Profitable Results, and Amplify Your Impact

In a private, customized strategy session, we create a powerful breakthrough vision and game plan for your next level of success.

This is the perfect step if you:

  • Are looking for a "one off" clarity session for a project or direction for your next level of success.
  • Have an idea for a new business or offering but don't know how to monetize it yet (that's my specialty!)
  • Would like to transition from selling time for money into a scalable, leveraged offering.
  • Want to uncover YOUR strategy to get into $100k, $500k or even beyond $1m in revenues
  • Need a game plan to grow by finding and training a rockstar virtual team
  • Are experiencing costly breakdowns or lack of sales and need to diagnose the problem (and map out a plan to get back on track!)

Tracey Ehman

“Before I started working with Melanie I knew it was time to move my business from working harder to working smarter. I was becoming overwhelmed with the amount of work I needed to do to create my desired income. Following her advice, in a few short months, I was able create a plan, launch my new business, and finally create leveraged income. I’m on track to triple my income in the next year.”

Tracey Ehman
Allison Babb Phillips

“During one conversation with Melanie I discovered a hidden belief that had turned me into a bottleneck. After I recoded that belief I hired the team I had been holding off on — and was able to grow my revenues an additional $20k/month.”

Allison Babb Phillips

VIP Strategy Day

In Person VIP Day

If you have a huge goal, are making a big change, or your business growth has plateaued, a one-day in person retreat can propel you forward quickly.

During this one day experience, we'll tackle your biggest challenges and bottlenecks, create a roadmap to achieve your next level of success, and get you focused on your high payoff priorities.

This is a perfect next step if you:

  • Recognize you are becoming a leader in your industry and/or business but don't have the confidence or tools to own your emerging role.
  • Need to create a major transition game plan from the business you have to a business that will finally set you free.
  • There is a HUGE initiative or goal you have set your sights on and it will require a lot of changes and new strategies.
  • You want FAST, accelerated results and six months of coaching just won't due.

Brian Kaskavalciyan

“Melanie helps me figure out what opportunities to focus on. With just one
conversation she helped me escalate the trajectory of our now high six figure
marketing business…When I give her money to mentor and guide me I
always make a heck of a lot more money in return!”

Brian Kaskavalciyan
Peter Cutforth

“I spent one day with Melanie and uncovered a major time and profit leak. I implemented the change to my sales system and recouped my entire investment in less than five days!”

Peter Cutforth

Amplify Mastermind

For Visionaries, Expert-preneurs, Emerging Thought Leaders, High-Achievers and Business Leaders Ready to Expand Impact & Profits

If your business is growing quickly, chances are that its time for you to "boss up." But, like many high-achievers, you may feel like you can't keep going the way you have been.

If you've achieved a lot, but feel exhausted and disillusioned about how to achieve your next level, or simply haven't found your "secret sauce" and feel like the world's best kept secret, then the Awaken Leadership Mastermind could be your new source of inspiration and power.

This 12 month, intimate mastermind is a perfect step if you:

  • Recognize you are becoming a leader in your industry and/or business but don't feel confident in your emerging role.
  • Struggle with hiring, know you don't delegate well or are frustrated by the current results from your team.
  • Feel called to "up your game" with a big vision but aren't sure you know how to pull it off.
  • Know it’s time to expand your visibility as an authority or influential leader.
  • Are ready to scale your business so you are not trapped in a "selling you" business model.
  • Spend way too much time pushing, forcing and running at the speed of light and crave a more aligned and powerful way to expand results.

This program is an application only program and we open up two times a year. If you feel called to the mastermind but we are not open for enrollment, start in the Own Your Bold Inner Circle or with a Strategy Session.

Callan Rush

“Melanie showed my business partner and I how to transform being over-worked and overwhelmed into a thriving business with a team. I owe my life to Melanie.!”

Callan Rush
Michele DeKindersmith

“I started working with Melanie during a time of massive burn out. In Melanie’s program I discovered how to reduce my 80+ work hours to under 40 while continuing to grow my income into a multiple high six figure business.

Michele DeKindersmith

Master your Money and Mindset

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