Coaching with a trained, successful mentor is one of the most effective ways to shorten your path to better results. Think of coaching like the process of sharpening a knife. When you work with the right mentor, they sharpen your edge so that the process of cutting is more efficient -- and fast.

Most high-achievers know that they can't see in their blind spots but hiring a coach will help them achieve more than they ever could on their own. It's important that any big leap in business starts with a strong mindset around money and success so that you can activate leverage and awaken the most powerful version of yourself.

Before you choose a coaching path, you'll want to know that I'm a trained professional coach (a certified Results Coach and graduate of Coach University.) I've also built my own 7-figure business so I know first hand what to do (and more importantly what not to do.) And I've coached hundreds of conscious business owners to produce high six and seven figures in their own businesses.

Now, let's determine the best way I can help you get better results...

VIP Programs

I’ve shown hundreds of VIP clients over the years how to activate their authority and transform their offerings so it is EASY to add another 6 (or even 7) figures in revenue.

And now it’s your turn.

My VIP Programs are designed to help you get unstuck, gain massive clarity on what your fastest path to more cash is -- and how to build a brand that is on FIRE, attracting an endless flow of great opportunities and clients.

Let me take you by the hand as we transform your wisdom into wealth as a Highly Paid Authority!

Check out some of the clients who have raved about their coaching with me...

Coach Mel helped me map out a more profitable customer journey when I could see the forest through the trees and in the process, I saw where I was under-charging and setting myself up for way too much work. Just one call gave me MASSIVE clarity on how to proceed more profitably.

Adam Schaeuble

Podcasting Business School

Using the Unique Profit Amplifier process I made a quick pivot in my training offerings that helped me see where another $200k in revenue was ALREADY SET UP. I just wasn't focused on it. Thanks Melanie!

Park Howell

Business of Story

Melanie quickly helped me implement better messaging sound bytes for better results in my trainings -- and the real bonus was when she uncovered a new profit center for our business.

Anne Lackey

HireSmart Virtual Employees

Amplify Your Authority
Inner Circle

For Experts, Coaches, Consultants, and Service Professionals Ready to Be Highly Visible to Attract a Steady Stream of High-Ticket Clients

This monthly program integrates proven visibility, client attraction and money-making strategies with the powerful "supercharging" mindset techniques to get you focused and fired up so you are the Go-To Expert in your industry.

Access a learning library of strategies, templates and processes to amplify your authority and generate consistent, predictable income.

Access monthly Supercharge You Calls and Hour of Power Calls where I conduct mini trainings, hot seats and open up for coaching questions. 

Elevate your game in this high-vibe group, create new connections and map out your powerful growth plan. 

Doubled My Income 

When I met Melanie, I was completely stuck in my early six figure business. I was a one-man show, my income had plateaued an my frustration was high. Within a few months of implementing, my income had doubled, due to now small part, to Melanie's coaching around my book, introducing group offerings and finding the right team. 

Evan Marc Katz, Author of Why He Disappeared

The Amplify Mastermind

For Coaches, Consultants, and Service Professionals Building a PROFITABLE Business Around Your Expertise
Imagine being the Go-To Person in your Industry -- and becoming PROSPEROUS in your area of expertise!

But, if growing your business is starting to feel more like a JOB and you are exhausted trying to keep up with it all, disillusioned about how to achieve your next level, or simply haven't found your "secret sauce" and feel like the world's best kept secret, then the Amplify Mastermind could be the perfect growth incubator for YOU.

This program is by application only (and we only open up spots twice a year!)

Here are a few more success stories after
coaching with me...

If you're looking for detailed insights, strategic ideas, a plan, and support overcoming obstacles and staying on track, Melanie can help. 

I implemented two key new strategies, and one gained me a sale within 24 hours!

And if you're on the fence about jumping in, do it! You'll be so glad you did.

Julie Hood

Course Creators HQ

I've wanted to work with Melanie for years on mindset issues that prevented me reaching my dreams and ambitions. Unfortunately, for whatever reasons, my mind would always play tricks on me and tell me, "Now isn't the right time" - even though I knew in my heart I needed her help. 

Since working with Melanie and the other members of the Amplify Inner Circle, I've been able to be 'brutally' honest with myself about what has prevented me from doing what I need to do. Along with Melanie's gentle, but subtly direct questioning, I've been able to get incredible clarity on things "I know" I should be doing but haven't. I've had breakthroughs I wasn't expecting. I've been able to find and deal with the block(s) that have been preventing me from doing what I need to do. I get a lot more of the important tasks done that need to get done! 

I recommend Melanie highly to any ambitious entrepreneur who wants greater success from their business, but could use a caring and soulful, yet direct coach to help get you there faster. 

Craig Valine

Enhanced Marketing Performance

Before I started working with Melanie I knew it was time to move my business from working harder to working smarter. I was becoming overwhelmed with the amount of work I needed to do to create my desired income, and it was time for a change.

 Following her advice, in a few short months, I  was able to create a plan, launch my new business, and finally build a business with a leveraged income. I’m on track to triple my income in the next year.

Tracey Ehman

Partner in Business

Not Sure What Level of Coaching
is Right For You?

Let's connect and find out what you need to activate your superpower, boost visibility and become a highly-paid authority.  Before you book the session though ask yourself these three questions...

1.  Are you ready to hire your mentor coach within the next 30 days?

2.  Have you made a decision to accelerate results 4 - 10 times in the next 6 months?

3.  Will you make a great client because you are 100% committed to being a success?

Yes? Give me the 4-1-1 on you and your business then book your Amplify Audit below.

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