Have you ever wondered why some people are like energizer bunnies, with limitless energy that you don’t have?

Or perhaps you don’t understand why your team can’t implement as fast as you get ideas?

I discovered Human Design ten years ago at a time where frustration was high and my motivation was at an all-time low. What I came to quickly realize is I had been trying to build a business with someone else’s design…and I was missing out on all of the great synergy of using MY design.

On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 162 meet Chetan Parkyn who for 25 years has been helping business owners around the world learn how to activate their most aligned self, using this profound tool called Human Design. I can’t WAIT to share this episode with you!

Be sure to join the Amplify Your Authority Community – we’ll have a conversation about which Human Design you are and how you best make decisions!


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Key Takeaways

  • What Human Design is and how discovering this teaching put Chetan on his path.
  • What the 5 Human Design types are (Chetan and I both share our types and how it helped us be more fulfilled by living from that design!)
  • Chetan reveals what often impacts someone the most when they don’t understand their Human Design (like when a Projector hangs out with Generators and thinks that’s how business success is supposed to be for them!)
  • What the profile numbers mean and how they can give meaning (and clarity on why your life has taken some twists and turns!)
  • What you can learn about the BEST WAY to make decisions for YOU (so you eliminate procrastination, doubts, and fears and feel more confident.)
  • Chetan’s recommendation on how to use Human Design to up-level success in life, finances, and business.
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About the Guest:

Chetan Parkyn was schooled in England and traveled the world as a troubleshooting mechanical engineer and ocean-diving engineer. In India, in 1979, while with the enlightened mystic Osho, his abilities to read for people surfaced when his gifts were recognized by two savants, who told him to “get ready” for a system that would come into his life and that he would introduce to the whole world.
Chetan was encouraged to use his gifts to “Read” for people, and he commenced reading hands, cards, the IChing, astrology, and other esoteric systems to prepare himself for the “new system.”

In 1993, he was introduced to Human Design, recognized right away this is what the savants had foretold, and has studied, read and taught it worldwide ever since.

His first book: Human Design, Discover the Person You Were Born To Be was first published in 2009 by Harper Collins UK and is now available in 12 language versions, reaching best-seller status in Chinese, Russian and Bulgarian. Two more books on Human Design, The Book of Lines, and 21st Century View of the IChing, and The Book of Destinies, Discover the Life You Were Born To Live are already being translated and released in other language versions.

25 years after being introduced to Human Design, Chetan continues teaching Human Design online and in person, often with his wife and partner, Carola Eastwood, and resides in San Diego, California. 


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