Get Great Clients, Consistently with Dov Gordon | Podcast Episode 91

AYS Podcast Ep 91

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a steady stream of new clients flowing into your business each month? Well, it’s the opposite for most service professionals who have to work really hard to get a few key clients. My guest on episode 91 of Amplify Your Success Podcast shares how to use the “Eavesdrop Effect”…

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Your Customer’s Decision Journey with Kathryn Gillett | Podcast Episode 90

AYS Podcast Ep 90

Every small business owner has prospects ready to make the decision to hire you or purchase your products but way too often they get confused, and avoid making a purchase. The solution? Create a decision journey to help them make the best decision for them! On episode 90 of Amplify Your Success Podcast I’m joined…

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Answering Your Questions on Time Management | Podcast Episode 89

AYS Podcast Epi 89

As a coach to entrepreneurs and other transformational business leaders, I am often asked to share my tips for managing time better. The question, “How does a busy person really get it all done, without feeling so overwhelmed” is a common challenge in the small business community. So, in episode 89 of Amplify Your Success…

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How to Clarify Your Brand Story to Amplify Your Impact with Park Howell | Podcast Episode 88

AYS Podcast Ep 88

Storytelling can bring your brand to life – and create deep trust and rapport with potential clients. There is an art to uncovering your compelling business story and this week’s guest, Park Howell, has mastered this art on episode 88 of Amplify Your Success Podcast. From rebounding out of the flailing advertising marketplace to launching…

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The Power of Million Dollar Connections with John Corcoran | Podcast Episode 87

AYS Podcast Ep 87

There’s a subtle art to building up solid business connections who are eager to refer business and partner up on projects with you. In my experience, just one great connection can add six to seven figures in new business to your bottom line. But truly, developing these kinds of connections are not just luck. There…

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