Kim Seltzer on The Power of Your Brand Presence | Podcast Episode 113

AYS Podcast Episode113

When you walk into a room do you emanate confidence and create a magnetic pull for people to want to meet you? Your presence is the first thing people notice when they meet you – and that experience is either pulling people in or silently repelling them. My guest Kim Seltzer shows entrepreneurs and business…

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Odette Peek on How to Leverage the Magic of Storytelling to Radically Boost Your Business | Podcast Episode 112

AYS Podcast Episode 112

Wouldn’t it be nice to rise above your industry noise and really get noticed by your most ideal clients? When you leverage the magic of storytelling, you create a unique connection with your most ideal clients. No one has your story so you’ve got to start telling it in a way that is compelling and…

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Designing a Compelling Signature Talk Title [On Air Coaching with Lorianne Speaks] | Podcast Episode 111

As an expert in your field, getting booked on more stages is an invaluable way to get visibility. But how do you stand out to podcast hosts and speaker bookers? You need a magnetic talk title that showcases your message. Now here’s the rub: just because you are an expert in your field doesn’t make…

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Six Tips to Attract Your Ideal Clients | Podcast Episode 110

AYS Podcast 110

Did you know there is a hidden cost behind working with clients that are not ideal? Way too often that client ends up being a big energy drain. When a coach or consultant works with ideal clients, they have more energy, confidence and referrals. The “ideal client” trifecta helps you shift your marketing as a…

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Ben Saltzman on Using the Enneagram for Spiritual Liberation and Business Success | Podcast Episode 109

AYS Podcast 109

Do you ever wonder why you just don’t fit in with the popular people around you? Or get frustrated with how other’s handle situations? Maybe you wish you had a crystal ball that would give you clues to the important people in your life that you just don’t connect well with. The Enneagram tool has…

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