You work 60+ hours a week just trying to keep up with the growing list of tasks in your business. You barely have an hour to eat dinner with your family let alone think about achieving that secret goal that keeps surfacing.  Perhaps you have a long list of projects and ideas for “some day” when you have time.

Well I have a rude awakening for you. Some day never comes. You will always have more to do than time to do it in. If you don’t decide RIGHT NOW to make space for your real genius you will always have the “some day” list.

But even more importantly, there is a huge cost to staying busy in mediocre (or maybe it’s good enough) business. The cost shows up in one of two ways:

  • Anything not aligned with your genius falls away. And when it does, it is usually like having your arm ripped out. It hurts.
  • You exist but you don’t thrive. It’s like a little part of you is dying inside and it festers like an open wound. Constantly uneasy, you continually search for answers and you just never feel fulfilled.

Typically there are three core reasons why we stay comfortable in “good enough”:

1. Fear of failing when we try our “bigger” life

2. Not knowing how to get there

3. An utter lack of awareness that any other reality can exist

But interestingly enough, when we shift out of the mediocre safety net and into a commitment to live in our genius, life becomes easier. We do things we are good at and say no to things that no longer serve us.

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So why do we resist it?

I’ve been hearing from a lot of my colleagues and clients that they have hit a plateau, or they’ve been in a bit of a dark tunnel trying to figure out what this next big thing is that wants to be birthed.

This is a spark of your genius that is trying to ignite your passion and fire.

Letting your real genius guide you in your business growth isn’t always easy. As a rule humans like things to stay uncomplicated and easy. But squashing it down doesn’t work either. So here are some ways you can shift into the Genius Zone.

1. Tell yourself the REAL truth.

What do you really love about the way your business is – and what are you putting up with? Many of us squash that little voice that says, “This isn’t enough” or “I feel out of alignment.” Telling the truth is essential in this process.

2. Make a decision to only say yes to your genius.

This step requires discipline. It’s so easy to follow the allure of a bright shiny object only to discover later it’s not a good fit. If you don’t know what it is, hire a coach to help you craft a “genius opportunity filter” so you make aligned decisions.

3. Gather clues for what “genius” looks and feels like.

You may not fully know what your genius is yet because you’ve squashed it for so many years. People probably told you your genius ideas aren’t money makers. Pay attention to the activities that light you up, and that you could do even if no one ever paid you. These are clues to your genius work, especially if the idea of shifting your business to focus on them feels terrifying.

When you have thoughts like…


Why would anyone EVER pay me to do this?

Isn’t this activity easy for EVERYONE?

This is WAY too easy, it can’t possibly be my genius!

The idea of evolving my business is TERRIFYING! I can’t possibly throw out what I’ve done up to now!

….then you know you are on the right track!

4. Pay attention to obstacles.

Obstacles are not permanent roadblocks, but they do contain valuable information about where you are supposed to focus your time, talent and energy. When you are hitting a wall or feel stuck, it is typically a sign that you are going away from your genius. Get a coach or do the inner work to let go of these obstacles. The ego can be very persuasive – pay attention to where you resist letting go!

Choosing to release the safety zone of mediocrity can feel scary. The rewards are worth it though…its time to uplevel your courage and leap forward. Are you in? Share your commitment to live in your genius in the comment section below.

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