How to Rise Above Your Industry's Turbulence

Why Entrepreneurs Need Relevance and Resilience to Keep Generating Revenue

As we open the door to 2023, many experts are predicting a recession that could land the coaching industry in a rough patch. Many businesses will constrict, stop spending money and pull themselves back into their safety net.

But that’s not the best course of action if you have a long-term growth vision. 

You must rise above the noise and turbulence to stay relevant (which keeps the clients and sales rolling in.)

On episode 316 of Amplify Your Success Podcast, I’m revealing three factors that keep a business growing, even when the industry is turbulent, from my own school of hard knocks (aka I really did this wrong in the past and learned from my mistakes!)

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Key Takeaways

  • [3:22] Why IGNITE 2023 is the expert entrepreneur’s impact and income accelerator.
  • [5:55] A perspective on the “industry recession” that many experts say is becoming (and how to rise above the challenges and noise and be immune.)
  • [6:44] The single most important factor to keep sales coming in (and it’s something I learned from my own “school of hard knocks.”)
  • [8:18] How your messaging is either boosting your relevance factor – or keeping you a best-kept secret in your market.
  • [11:50] Why doing all the right things doesn’t work if you are missing alignment with your values and your superpower.
  • [13:53] What the 80% plan is and how it helps you get unstuck and into action (even if you don’t have 100% clarity.)
  • [15:25] How I use my Human Design to help me stay aligned and in my personal power.
  • [17:32] Resilience, adapting and doing the inner work to overcome obstacles and unforeseen challenges.
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