Amplify Your Success Podcast hit another milestone as we publish our 250th episode! To celebrate, we looked back at the 200 episodes published since we went live in January 2018, to see what our fans raved the most over.

This list includes the top 10 fan favorites that hit the charts, skyrocketed downloads and generated some lovely reviews over on Apple Podcasts (big thanks to everyone who has left a review!)

I’m beyond grateful for every review, email and DM sharing how valuable these episodes have been. Your feedback keeps me inspired — knowing you are able to accomplish more in your business AND amplify your impact on the world is priceless!

You’ll find some of the fan feedback left on iTunes as well as some of my personal notes of how much I got out of the conversation (and if you’d like me to feature you and your iTunes review, here’s where to leave it!)

We compiled this list so you can catch up on the favorites easily (now you don’t have to scroll through the 200 episodes to find them.)

Here’s the Amplify Your Success fans Top 10

Episode 074: Unlocking Leads from LinkedIn with Guest Melonie Dodaro

Melonie Dodaro dispelled common myths about connecting with prospects on LinkedIn, then shared EXACTLY how she leveraged this popular social media platform to build REAL, profitable relationships. She’s real, authentic and shares actionable LinkedIn strategies that work (instead of getting you blocked for being a spammer.)

Episode 007: Break Free of Your Unconscious Financial Ceiling

An early episode (so forgive any bad audio from my old microphone), this fan favorite continues to generate reviews and emails with questions on how to recognize unconscious financial limiters and what program will help recode that old programming! Want the short cut? Check my best-selling program MoneyDNA 2.0 Success Transformation Program.

Episode 130: Instagram Ninja Marketing Hacks With Adam Schaeuble

My podcasting buddy Adam Schaeuble of Million Pound Mission and Podcasting Business School rocks out his cutting edge, ninja marketing hacks and how he uses Instagram Live to build up his Instagram following — and create massive podcast listenership in record time. This is an episode you DON’T want to miss…especially if you are a podcaster!

Episode 118: Coming Out of the Spiritual Entrepreneur Closet with Devi Adea

My dear friend Devi Adea joins me to talk about sharing our more spiritual side in business (and we both reveal the fears, challenges and magical outcomes that surface by allowing our spiritual practices as part of our business growth support.) I really loved this episode and so did my fans as it’s stayed in the Top 10 since it was released in 2019!

Episode 141: Freedom Days: The Secret Productivity Technique of Successful High-Achievers

If you struggle with taking away from your business, listen in to this inspired episode about the power of scheduling down-time days. Many entrepreneurs believe they can’t afford to have time away, but truly, you can’t afford NOT to take time away to recharge your creativity and “get it done” fuel.

Episode 145: How to Wow Agents and Publishers with Your Nonfiction Book Proposal with Lisa Tener

Want to write your own book…and get published? Lisa Tener delivers a power-packed episode full of priceless advice (and what you MUST avoid doing so that a publisher will see you as a valuable author.) Plus, Lisa talks about how to build your platform NOW so that your book launch is super successful.  A must listen for any want-to-be author!

Episode 122: How to Overcome Your Buyer’s Resistance

When I’m coaching my clients on increasing sales, the #1 step that gets missed is how to navigate a potential buyer’s fear. This fear shows up as “let me think about it” or “I can’t afford it” when really what they need most is you to help them achieve what they want most. This episode is a highlight of my Amplify training designed together the business owner proven strategies to increase sales!

Episode 186: How to Consistently Generate High Quality Inbound Leads with Tom Poland 

One of my favorite marketers right now, and author of The Inbound Marketing Book, Tom Poland talks about how he leverages Other People’s Networks with webinars to build up his business and fill his programs. I bought this book for everyone in the Amplify Mastermind (and they LOVED IT) so you might want to pick up a copy once you catch the episode.

Episode 015: The Gifted Wisdom of Unpleasant Feelings with Dr. Joan Rosenberg

My friend and a long-time Pepperdine professor, Joan Rosenberg was an instant fan favorite as she reveals why unpleasant feelings are good for us, especially entrepreneurs, business leaders and transformational mentors! This episode got me thinking VERY differently about being anxious, frustrated or stressed out. Tell me what you get out of it!

Episode 174: How the ROCS Method Can Exponentially Grow Your Sales 

One of my personal favorites that members of my Amplify Inner Circle have RAVED about, I teach one of the lessons from my Get Magnetic Messaging system that any content creator can use to create compelling topics. A must listen for anyone who wants to bring their message onto podcasts and online
shows too!

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