Multiply Your Business Partnerships with Ellen Finkelstein

How to Leverage Other People’s Email Lists to Grow Your Business

Growing your business means investing time, money and energy in developing a steady stream of new leads and potential clients. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you had a shortcut to fill your community with qualified leads who are most likely to buy from you?

On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 278, my guest Ellen Finkelstein joins me to talk about our favorite growth accelerator – business partnerships with your peers to rapidly expand your business.

Ellen unpacks five key steps to take, as well as what’s working well right now to add value while promoting others.

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Key Takeaways

  • [5:42] Why the law of diminishing returns is affecting your ability to grow your business on your own.
  • [10:07] Ellen covers 5 steps to partnering with your peers.
  • [14:40] The simplest way to partner and benefit, even if you don’t have a big list.
  • [16:12] I ask Ellen about a common roadblock – affiliate tracking – and how we can partner even if you don’t have fancy affiliate tracking.
  • [20:05] Ellen shares the unique promotion process that often lands her in the top 10 of a partner promotion.
  • [23:24] The importance of preparing ahead for your own promotions, especially if you will ask others to promote for you.
  • [26:47] Why giveaways are Ellen’s favorite partner promotion right now.
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About the Guest:

Ellen Finkelstein teaches experts who want to get their Knowledge out to the world on how to reach more people with profitable, online information products and courses.

With over 20 years online, Ellen has created websites with high search engine rankings and over 300.000 visitors per month, over 22,000 subscribers and many followers on social media. She is also an author published with major publishers such as McGraw-Hill and Wiley & Sons, with books ranging up to 1200 pages. She has successfully created and sold dozens of online products and courses and uses her experience to help experts turn their knowledge into online products so they can create positive change for as many people as possible.

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