5 Mistakes That Sabotage Business Growth Strategies

The Key Reasons Coaches and Service Professionals Aren’t Experiencing Faster Growth

What if you knew that a 1-degree change in your business growth strategy could accelerate your progress? And, what if eliminating one common mistake could help you attract more ideal clients?

Often, big successes stem from making micro-adjustments to a strategy that has a lot of the correct elements but just needs a slight change to perform better.

In the coaching and “expert” services market, the ability to stand out in a very crowded market is necessary to win new business. So if you are making one of these five common growth mistakes, chances are your brand, your business, and your offerings will be invisible.

On episode 312 of Amplify Your Success Podcast, I’ll share what I see happening to really talented and smart experts who are making these common mistakes – and how it is eroding your confidence and clarity to make a greater impact.

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Key Takeaways

  • [3:22] Why IGNITE 2023 is the expert entrepreneur’s impact and income accelerator.
  • [5:01] Proper positioning is essential as we move into 2023 and experience a culling in the coaching industry.
  • [8:29] The real reason an entrepreneur is making mistake #4 is invisible to their best clients.
  • [13:18] If doing all the right things isn’t leading to business growth, mistake #3 in messaging is often the culprit.
  • [17:50] What happens when a service professional doesn’t use Value Positioning to price and sell their offerings?
  • [23:03] The #1 mistake that keeps entrepreneurs stuck, struggling, and in low growth and the one mindset shift that solves this instantly.
  • [25:41] Why free offers are ruining the financial success of many businesses that rely on freebies alone.
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