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Why You Keep Feeling Resistance To Business Growth Goals You Know You “Should” Do

How many times have you set your intention on a goal or strategy that could grow the impact of your business, only to continually put it off, over and over again?

Or you are faced with making a business growth decision and even though deep down inside you know it could be a gamechanger for you, you let your fear talk you out of going forward?

Resistance is a common behavior of recognizing that doing an activity will have a positive impact, but you don’t do it!

On Amplify Your Success episode 355, I dive deep into the topic of resistance and how it holds our business growth goals hostage. I’ll reveal the various ways resistance manifests itself, from disguised confusion to overwhelming busyness, and how it can prevent us from achieving our fullest potential, especially when money is involved.

Drawing from my experience as an authority amplifier and possibility igniter, I share stories of talented entrepreneurs who have been hindered by resistance. From talking themselves out of investing in themselves to finding reasons not to pursue opportunities, resistance can keep us stuck and prevent us from playing a bigger game.

I also provide valuable insights into the signs of resistance, methods to overcome it, and the root causes that keep us locked in resistance. Don’t miss this episode as I empower you to break free from resistance, take ownership of your goals, and create the success you deserve. Tune in and learn how to slay through the resistance holding your goals hostage. It’s time to amplify your success and boost your business growth!

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Key Takeaways

  • [00:55] Resistance in entrepreneurship and how to overcome it.

  • [05:18] How resistance disguises itself as valid obstacles.

  • [10:43] Where many people give their power away, leading to chronic “goal derailment”

  • [15:00] The insidious negative consequence of experiencing internal conflict about two goals.

  • [18:17] What self-doubt really means about your unresolved fear and alignment.

  • [21:58] Growth mindset and your unique human design – how to BE the person that accomplishes more.

  • [23:52] What happens when you lean into discomfort and commit to a new outcome?

  • [28:03] How to know you need to work with a coach to slay through resistance.


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