How 90 Days of Business Coaching Can Fix Your Cash Flow

 5 Steps to Double Your Business Revenue

Ever wonder if you REALLY need business coaching? You hear about coaches all the time — some of them show up in your Facebook feed daily, right? Some of them you hear about from a friend or colleague who is SMASHING IT because of the guidance from their coach.

Well, on episode 260 of Amplify Your Success Podcast I’m going to take you through how 90 days of really powerful business coaching can accelerate the right results (and boost of those revenues in the process.) 

Join us in the Amplify Your Authority Facebook Group as I go live each Wednesday with “#AskMelanieLive!” This week I’m taking you through 4 valuable planning steps to get a 5  to 6 figure revenue boost in 2022.

Key Takeaways

  • [4:22] The important question everyone must ask before planning, goal setting and trying to increase cash flow.
  • [5:07] How clarity helped my client double his rates (which will double his revenue) in the first 6 weeks of working together.
  • [7:30] The clue a business coach looks for to uncover the “consistent predictable cash flow” opportunity that is dormant in your business.
  • [9:10] A key to getting great visibility by being crystal clear on who your real client is.
  • [11:22] How to shift your experience of sales so you can increase revenues.
  • [13:46] Why you can not succeed if you are trying to drive a Ferrari with a Moped engine (aka your mindset needs an upgrade!)
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