Congratulations! You Are About To Build Your Dream Team!

And spend more time in your genius to accelerate results! 

Here's what to do next...

Confirm & White List

1 - Look for the "confirm your email" that we've sent to you. If you are a gMail user, the next steps are CRITICAL.

2 - Add to your accepted senders.

3 - Move the emails from the promotional tab to the regular inbox.

Check Your Inbox

Be sure to check your inbox to receive your username and password to access the member area. 

What You'll Do First

Once you login to the membership area head to the Quick Start Tab.

Be sure to listen to this training call designed to kick-start your success in Build Your Dream Team. I give you an overview of how to get 110% out of this program. After listening to this call, you’ll have clarity on what to focus on first and how to prioritize your time and energy while going through this process together. 

If you have any questions along the way - don't hesitate to reach out to our team at

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