How to Grow Your Business Revenue With Leveraged Offerings

If you truly want to scale your business then you’ll need to succeed at building passive income. But is it really possible to generate income without working more hours in your business? Passive income is something you hear about all the time, especially if you are in the coaching or online business industry. 

To create a steady stream of income without selling more hours in your day, passive (or semi-passive) revenue can be created through group courses and digital programs. 

On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 244, my guest Lisa Johnson joins me to share how she created a seven-figure online business by leveraging her time and talent.

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Key Takeaways

  • The reality of building passive income streams (and why you want “semi-passive” or leveraged offerings.)
  • What the CASsH System for making passive income is.
  • Why most people get the launching step wrong when growing their business (and what works the best right now.)
  • The importance of keeping clients happy to keep growing the passive income in your business.
  • What improvements Lisa gets super fired up about in the online business industry.


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About the Guest:

Lisa Johnson is a multi-seven-figure business strategist specializing in helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses using passive and semi-passive income from memberships and courses. 

After a tough childhood spent in social housing, Lisa went on to have successful careers in law, banking entertainment and now multiple seven-figure launches in her business. Her background in overcoming obstacles has helped mold her into a bold, straight-talking coach, who is never afraid to be an authentic and outspoken truth-teller.

She has spoken on the BBC’s Women’s Hour and is a Thrive Global Contributor. She has been featured in national newspapers and magazines including Psychologies, The Guardian, Forbes Magazine, and Fast Company. Lisa lives in Hertfordshire, UK with her husband and 9-year-old twin sons but coaches around the globe.

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