How to Create Massive Momentum as You Build Community

How to Build Community and a Guinness Book of World Records for the Podcasting Community 

Does the idea of having a global impact spark your interest? What about a way to build community to help you co-create one of your industry’s leading events?

Chris Krimitsos has a unique story and background. He started with local events where he first discovered the value of podcasting. He helped his wife, Katie Krimitsos produce her first podcast. But then the podcasting community won Chris’ heart and Podfest was born.

Chris takes us on a powerful journey on Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 273 to learn how Starting Ugly has become his strength and a way to accomplish impossibly huge goals!

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Key Takeaways

  • [5:04] The events that caused Chris to move from podcasting and local events to creating a global podcasting expo.
  • [9:51] I reveal to Chris a surprising twist in how we first connected (hint: it has to do with a podcast from 2010.)
  • [11:13] How podcasting and Chris’ 5000+ virtual events have helped people break out of their isolation during the pandemic.
  • [14:28] Two ways that focusing on community first were a game-changer for Chris and the growth of Podfest Expo.
  • [15:37] Three growth pivots that Chris has guided Podfest through (and how going for a Guinness World Record factored into 5,000 attendees.)
  • [20:10] Chris’ Start Ugly principle and how it helped him gain momentum in the midst of an epic event failure.
  • [34:15] Chris shares some exciting events happening at the May 2022 Podfest Expo around NFTs, Women in Podcasting tracks and the diversity of attendance and events.
  • [41:57] The one thing that Chris wishes he would have done sooner to improve his events (and his quality of life.)
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About the Guest:

Chris Krimitsos holds the Guinness World Records™ title for the largest attendance for a virtual podcasting conference in one week, and is a leading expert on podcasting and on-demand audio. His international conference, PodFest, is the longest-running continuous in-person podcasting event in the world and attracts thousands of attendees from over 50 countries each year. Running parallel with that event, Chris also successfully birthed VidFest, as part of his efforts to build the home for all creators.

With two decades and over 2,000 live events under his belt, Chris has worked with the world’s most influential voices in marketing, audio, and technology. Those experiences inspired his best-selling book, Start Ugly, which has quickly become the go-to guide for entrepreneurs and influencers who are beginning their creative journey.

He’s not just an educator though. His penchant for being an on-demand innovator is seen in Chris’ own Kid-Friendly Podcast Network has garnered over a million podcast downloads. As a podcast consultant and coach, he has helped ventures such as the Women’s Meditation Network grow to millions of monthly downloads.

As the go-to authority, Chris is the person to be contacted when the experts need to understand how the on-demand audio space will continue to evolve.

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