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When you are in a crowded market, an expert entrepreneur is going to have a lot of similar sounding competitors (even if those competitors are not as talented or capable of delivering the results that you do.)

In a crowded market you either blend in to the noise or stand out as the authority.

When you stand out as the authority, you become the go-to expert your industry refers and your ideal clients seek out.

In episode 372 of Amplify Your Success Podcast, I reveal the foolproof method I stumbled upon that propelled my business from struggling to break $1,000 a month to multiple six figures 20 years ago. 

With my Authority Building Trifecta, not only did I achieve visibility, I also accelerated the monetization of that visibility. Today I teach this method to my clients so they can quickly boost their authority and land coveted shows and stages (and activate a 24/7 client generation system.)

I’ll also highlight the critical importance of being highly visible with what I call authority content, and how it holds the power to get invitations to speak, to reinforce your expertise, and to speed up your ideal client’s decision-making process. We’ll delve into the art of being on other people’s platforms and how it can significantly boost your authority. Finally, I’ll unveil the magic that happens when inspiring your audience to consume your content, imparting valuable insights on nurturing relationships and dynamic client journeys.

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Key Takeaways

  • [02:02] Authority is essential to generate Million Dollar Visibility.

  • [04:57] What my 3 part Authority Building method is for expert entrepreneurs.

  • [08:47] What Authority Content is and how to showcase expertise for client attraction.

  • [13:38] Consistent social media presence is important.

  • [15:01] How borrowing credibility and influence from others works to build your own audience.

  • [19:28] Where the “client attraction” magic kicks in with your messaging & branded content.

  • [23:31] How my podcast helps nurture potential clients. 

  • [24:57] Two potential outcomes from the authority method.


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