How to Use an Authority Framework to Boost Business

How Speakers Can Get More Bookings & Clients With One Simple Change to Their Content

What should you do when you invest a lot of time, money and energy getting booked to share your valuable information, but don’t boost your sales with a steady stream of clients?

Getting on podcasts and stages (even if they are virtual) is a valuable way to build your authority and attract leads, but only if you know how to deliver your message in a compelling way. When you use what I call an Authority Framework, like a formula, method or teaching your system with an acronym, your talk is easier to remember for the audience (and it helps you stay on track too.

On episode) 267 of Amplify Your Success Podcast I’ll show you how to add this one key element in your talks that will massively impact your credibility, help you stand out as an industry leader AND act like a magnet to your most ideal leads to boost business.

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Key Takeaways

  • [4:02] What an Authority Framework is and how it helps you stand out as a credible, go-to resource.
  • [5:06] The TAME Formula for creating and delivering compelling content that acts like a magnet.
  • [5:26] An important point for speakers and content creators who tend to ramble when delivering a talk or interview.
  • [7:32] I share an example of how catchphrases make you memorable to ideal clients (and them remember you so they choose you!)
  • [8:40] Two of my Amplify Your Success Podcast guests used Authority Frameworks.
  • [11:27] I share an example of how teaching my ROCS Method™ really helped me stand out on stages with multiple speakers.
  • [14:20] How to use the 4th Step in my TAME formula (and why it’s the step many experts miss that transforms these leads into sales.)
  • [15:00] Two more examples of clients who are using Authority Frameworks with their new Authority Platform to help their brands skyrocket.
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