And Thanks For Joining...

We’ll share the Own Your Bold® Influence Series and the Challenge recordings after the Challenge trainings are over (about 2 weeks after the event is over.) 

Now, get ready for the Challenge with these three steps below.

Congratulations! You're In!

Congratulations! You're In!

The Own Your Bold Influence Challenge starts on November 4th.

The first step? We’ll send you an email confirmation with additional instructions on how to prepare.

For now, do these three things:

Lastly, download your Own Your Bold Influence Toolkit that you'll need during the challenge.

Don't worry - we'll share along the way again too!

I can’t wait to get started helping you set your bold goal so you can achieve unprecedented results this year!


P.S. Doing the challenge with a friend is ALWAYS more fun... and they can help keep you be accountable.  Invite your friends to join you in the challenge by clicking a link below!