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What Others Say About Taking My Bold Goal Challenge…


“I sold more in a weekend than I had in months – by simplifying, taking the challenge and focusing on my one bold goal.”

KITTY BOITNOT Teachers in Transition

“Melanie really put wind in my sails and believed in me that I could achieve my goal. Even though I’m driven and have faith, it’s really important for me have a mentor who believes in me and helps me to stay focused.”

JULIE SMITH Net Marketing Navigator

Hi, I'm Melanie Benson!

I’ve been mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs, thought leaders and business leaders for over 17 years. I know what it’s like to feel stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed. I’m here to help you stop playing it safe and do the one thing you’ve always dreamed of - you know, the one thing that scares you just a bit
(or, maybe a lot).

I’m here to provide the learning, experience and incredible support you need as you build your business - and accomplish what you might believe is unreachable.

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