Recognize and Overcome The Habits Keeping Entrepreneurs Invisible to Their Market

Being visible where your ideal clients are searching for solutions is essential to attract clients and stop being a best kept secret. A consistent visibility strategy is a key factor in amplifying authority and building trust online too.

So why is it that a talented expert, coach or service provider wouldn’t make time for visibility boosting activities that could grow their reach and revenue?

In episode 376 of Amplify Your Success, I delve into the world of profitable visibility and uncover the three most common barriers that are keeping talented experts from getting the opportunities and clients they deserve. In other words – stops them from being a best kept secret and into the limelight!

I shine a light on the internal conflicts that are holding many experts back from stepping into their brilliance, revealing how unresolved trauma and deep-seated fears can be the invisible barriers that thwart visibility and success. I’ll also share tips on dissolving these internal conflicts and stepping into your magnetic message to attract more meaningful opportunities.

Discover how to turn being a guest into at least $100,000 or more a year using my proven $1,000,000 visibility framework and learn how to make time for profitable visibility that pays off over and over again. If you’re ready to amplify your authority and make a greater impact in your industry, this episode is a must-listen.

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Key Takeaways:

  • [01:51] Visibility, when done well, should be one of your top channels of leads and opportunities.

  • [05:29] Why the right mindset is crucial for prioritizing visibility boosting efforts.

  • [09:51] Why podcasts can be a “client attraction accelerator”.

  • [12:07] Unresolved trauma and internal conflict can cause resistance and fear about being more visible. 

  • [16:12] How to integrate habits that continue to build authority and attract visibility opportunities. 

  • [18:07] The importance of visibility in the right audiences.


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