Amplify Workshop Series

The Secret Behind Magnetic Messaging to Transform Podcast Guesting and Online Summits into a Powerful Ideal Client Magnet!

#1 - Why Podcasting is a Smart FREE Marketing Strategy to Focus on Right Now For More Visibility

I share 5 super common “blow it” moments that get your podcast guest request deleted or your super awesome interview ignored by listeners.

Plus learn how to create your own buzz and momentum to boost your authority and attract better opportunities your way.

#2 - How to Transform Podcast Listeners into Raving Fans, Create Buzz and Attract your Ideal Clients

I share a 3 word trick to transform your Interviews from “interesting” to a powerful list building platform.

Plus learn my secret formula to transform boring topics into buzz worthy interviews that get shared over and over again (and position you as an industry leader!)

#3 - Why You Are Doing All The Right Things But It's Not Working

I share the single biggest reason why you can be doing all the “right” marketing activities right but you still don’t get leads and clients.

Plus discover how the ROCS Method can turn any business owner into a brilliant marketing genius with a flood of leads and buyers.

Are You Ready To Get Better Results ....NOW?

Discover how the Get Magnetic Messaging System can transform your interviews into a POWERFUL MAGNET that attracts your best clients.