Even IF you are getting booked on platforms and podcasts, chances are you are leaving money (and clients) on the table. And, if you aren’t getting booked at all- - well, that’s an even bigger problem.

In either scenario, there is a solution for ONE of the FOUR common mistakes you’re making.

Aren’t You Ready to Be Paid Well for Your Expertise?

To the Established Coach, Consultant, or Service Provider with Proven Client Results… the way to Generate 4 and 5-figure months is by Amplifying your Authority.

With this quiz you will uncover:

Your #1 Barrier that’s keeping your Authority in the shadows
What it takes to turn the tide and overcome that barrier
How one strategic move can be the catalyst to visibility and becoming a sought-after guest.
What you can expect to happen to your revenue when you make that move

What people are saying about Melanie's strategies:

"Her genius is to see your unique offering and amplify it so it's irresistible to your ideal customer.”
Tracy Yates

“I nailed my pitch to 40+ podcasters and got TONS of bookings!”
Dr. Morgan Oaks

"Better messaging soundbites for better results, plus she uncovered a new profit center!"
Anne Lackey

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What is Your Number One Barrier to Becoming a Highly Paid Authority?

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