Attention Coaches, Service Professionals, Course Creators, Mentors and Consultants:

Imagine A Day In The Life Of Your Business When Your 4 - 5 Figure Offer "Sells Itself"...

Let me explain (and keep reading for a limited-time CRAZY offer to get access to my proven revenue & impact accelerator training.)

If you are in this industry, then chances are you want to make
a greater impact, right?
So why do so many talented experts struggle to
>> Make a Greater Impact, Profitably? <<

They Don't Have Clarity
or a Roadmap to Follow

Because they've been "winging it", and have tried all of the things they see other successful people doing, gathering ‘pieces’ of the puzzle from different mentors, they've hit their impact (and income) ceiling prematurely.

They don’t know what isn't working and don't have a clear roadmap to add another 6 - 7 figures to their bottom line.

So, ultimately, they continue to "wing it" and their business profits pay the price.

They Are A Best-Kept Secret in a Market Full of "Competition"

Talented people get busy and often "forget" to make time to be visible consistently in their market.  So they end up invisible to their ideal clients.

Or they have lots of talents, and offers, and skills, and their audience doesn't know WHAT they do and how it will help them.

This is what I call "Muddy Messaging" -- and it keeps them a best-kept secret.

They Don't Have a Value Driven Offer that Sells Itself!

Because they are so in the daily activities of delivering their offers and running their business every day, talented experts often have a hard time recognizing their own value. 

Not to mention, impact-driven entrepreneurs often don't want money to drive their decisions or influence their marketing.

In these cases, overwhelm often kicks in as a premature ceiling of impact and income stalls the reach of the business owner prematurely. 

Here's a hard learned truth by thousands of experts who unfortunately realized they were a Best-Kept Secret. 

Being invisible is kryptonite to your bottom line. But when you learn how to leverage the value in your unique superpowers
and accelerate your dormant authority, you'll experience a steady stream of  great clients EAGER to invest in your services!

So, what does it take to accelerate your authority and start attracting consistent 4 & 5-figure clients?

And these 5 factors are what I'm known for and love helping experts just like you unlock, integrate and amplify!

And the good news is you can access a comprehensive training for a limited time for a *fraction* of my normal coaching investment in the:

On Demand Workshop

With 3 hours of training (plus worksheets) I'll guide you through how to break free from ‘best kept secret’ syndrome so that you confidently craft a compelling high-ticket offer that enrolls ideal and aligned clients


I'll show you my proven 7 Step Roadmap that I’ve used to add another $125K+ to my business each year so you can build your own audience and establish your authority brand (which will make selling this offer a *million* times easier.

After Completing This On Demand Workshop You'll ...

Have clarity on your unique, monetizable superpower - the thing that is absolutely irresistible to your audience. 
Know how to develop a 4 - 5 figure offer around that superpower- - that sells like WILDFIRE.
Understand how to elevate your authority so people are willing and able to make a higher investment in your work & identify what’s in the way of you selling high-ticket offers right now
Have a visibility strategy that gets you in front of your ideal audience over and over again & that creates a steady stream of great leads

You'll ALSO Get Access To My Authority Brand Roadmap
(Value $497)

My Downloadable Authority Brand Roadmap to Create Your Revenue Rush and Add an Additional 6 (or 7) Figures to Your Business This Year with Profitable Visibility.

From mindset to monetizing your superpower to unleashing a steady stream of 4 & 5-figure cash flow, I’ll show you the SAME steps I teach my IGNITE Mastermind clients (for a fraction of the normal investment!)

Normally Sold At $297 (Valued At $1997)
You can access it TODAY ONLY for only $37!

And just so we are clear, this is a limited-time offer and normally you'll invest at least $297
to access this same on-demand workshop (and it is worth every penny of $297 when you discover how to develop
a 4 - 5 figure offer that sells itself!)

Meet Your Authority Amplifier

For those that don’t already know me, I’m Melanie Benson, Authority Amplifier and Possibility Ignitor for expert-based business owners and service professionals. I also host the Amplify Your Success Podcast (which is now  in the top 1.5% of all podcasts.)

In 2001, I discovered the game changing strategy that radically grew my business. Instead of struggling to break out of the $1,500 a month income trap, this one strategy catapulted my revenue and created a non-stop flood of ideal clients, media mentions and speaking opportunities. I call it "Value Based Offers" and implementing this one strategy can help you instantly boost revenue, add massive value to your clients AND stand out as an authority in your marketing.

In this training I'll reveal what's missing that's keeping you second-guessing yourself and feeling like a best-kept secret (even though you've got amazing talent and valuable resources to share with your ideal clients.)

Take this training TODAY so you can amplify YOUR authority and accelerate the flow of cash into your business fast. 

Melanie Benson, Authority Amplifier
and Possibility Ignitor, Host of the
Top 1.5% Podcast, Amplify Your Success

What People Are Saying About Melanie's Growth Strategies

“Melanie quickly helped me implement better messaging sound bytes for better results in my trainings -- and the real bonus was when she uncovered a new profit center for our business.”

Anne Lackey

HireSmart Virtual Employees

"I've worked with Melanie for several years and recently she helped me introduce a new offer to my list using a strategy that sold 7...before I ever launched it!"

Deb Coman

Content Conversion Strategist

“Melanie’s collaboration strategies helped me boost my authority as a success coach for women lawyers — and in two weeks I landed two hot podcasts to be a guest expert on. I’m moving full steam ahead with a plan to fill my new program.”

Sharon Christie

Bold Women Lawyers

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About This Strategy

I don't think I have people on my list who will pay for a high ticket offer.

You will be surprised at the 10% of your audience who has already connected with you who currently don't resonate with your offering suite.

There is ALWAYS a few premium clients who *wish* they had access to your wisdom and talent and are willing to pay a premium price to access it, and accelerate results.

I've tried offering VIP Days (or another type of high ticket offer) and it did not sell.

This is a common issue I hear from experts who introduce a great offer but don't know how to position the value so it "flops." When you follow the process I teach you in this workshop, you'll discover how to build it, position it, price it and sell it.

I wouldn't consider myself an expert, yet. Will this work for me?

Even if you *you* don't consider yourself an expert, someone else is out there right now who needs your superpower (and is willing to invest in your solutions to transform their own issues into successes!)

How do I know what to price my high ticket offer so it sells?

Great question. One of the strategies I'll reveal inside this workshop is how to let *your unique superpowers and value* lead the pricing process. When you really understand the value of your offer in the market, and know how to position it properly, pricing is easy.

I don't have an audience of my own, will this work for me?

Yes it can! Using the 7 factors in my Authority Brand Roadmap that you get with this on demand workshop, I'll show you how to turn your message into a magnet for ideal 4 & 5 figure clients! I attract at least $125k a year in new clients from this one simple strategy and it can at least bring you 2 - 3 more clients a month!

Actually Melanie, I don't want an on-demand training, I want YOU to guide me through this.

Excellent! I have two options available. One is my IGNITE Mastermind but we only take applications twice a year. The second option is one of my VIP Expansion packages. If you are willing to make a 4-figure investment in the next couple of weeks, then let's talk! Request a Fast Track Call with me and we can explore the best option for you.

Did I Get Your Questions Answered?

Ready to access your On Demand Training and start making a more profitable impact with your superpower?

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        Office: 818.530.4884 

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