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Are you getting booked on podcasts, but still feeling invisible instead of the highly paid authority you dream of?

You see everyone else crushing podcast interviews. They are being seen ‘everywhere’, are considered the go-to-authority and filling their programs like crazy. Why can’t that happen for you? 

Maybe you aren’t getting booked on the right shows (you know - the one’s your IDEAL CLIENTS are listening to)?

Maybe you are missing showstoppers and the golden thread that captivates listeners and makes them hungry for MORE? 

Over the past nearly 20 years, I’ve watched countless entrepreneurs make the same mistakes over and over when it comes leveraging being a guest expert and building their authority to attract dream clients. 

How would your business be different if you became magnetic to your ideal clients and if you were consistently and authentically visible in your market?

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How to Leverage Your Superpower to Be a Highly Paid Authority Masterclass

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It's time to stop throwing thousands of dollars down the drain chasing the wrong strategies and making the same common mistakes that leave you feeling invisible, exhausted and stuck and BUILD AN INFLUENTIAL BRAND to become a well-paid authority.

Here's what I'll cover during this limited time FREE Masterclass.

Visibility Accelerators

Learn the secret of being CONSISTENTLY & AUTHENTICALLY visible in your market, even if you are busy, don't know how to create a compelling message -- without investing a ton of money on FB ads and marketing that doesn't pay off.

Magnetic Messaging

Leverage your Unique Profit Amplifier to become magnetic to your best clients (even if you think they can't afford it!).

Hidden Mistakes To Avoid

Learn the common mistakes that cost you leads, and the 4 top reasons your ideal client is choosing your competitors over you.

Hidden Mistakes To Avoid

Learn the common mistakes that cost you leads, and the 4 top reasons your ideal client is choosing your competitors over you.

Monetizing Your Superpower

Learn why your superpowers are a game-changer in elevating your authority and how to leverage them effectively.

3 Key Authority Factors

Learn the 3 key factors of authority positioning and why it's essential if you want to stand out in a crowded market and create an endless flow of ideal clients (and land those coveted visibility opportunities too!)

Meet Your Authority Amplifier

For those that don’t already know me, I’m Melanie Benson, Authority Amplifier for expert-based business owners and service professionals. I also host the Amplify Your Success Podcast.

Twenty years ago, I discovered one game changing strategy that radically grew my business. Instead of struggling to break out of the $1,500 a month income trap, this one strategy catapulted my revenue and created a non-stop flood of ideal clients, media mentions and speaking opportunities. I call it "Collaboration Currency" -- 4 consciously cultivated strategic relationships generated my first $1 million in business revenue. This strategy continues to help me thrive in business 20 years later!

In this training I'll reveal what's missing that's keeping you second-guessing yourself and feeling like a best-kept secret (even though you've got amazing talent and valuable resources to share with your ideal clients.)

Take this training TODAY so you can amplify YOUR authority and accelerate the flow of cash into your business fast. 


How to Leverage Your Superpower to Be a Highly Paid Authority 

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“Melanie quickly helped me implement better messaging sound bytes for better results in my trainings -- and the real bonus was when she uncovered a new profit center for our business.”

Anne Lackey

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"I applied the Magnetic Messaging System to my webinar and increased conversion by 30%! And I'm using these techniques on my email marketing for an 84% increase!"

Deb Coman

Content Conversion Strategist

“Melanie’s collaboration strategies helped me boost my authority as a success coach for women lawyers — and in two weeks I landed two hot podcasts to be a guest expert on. I’m moving full steam ahead with a plan to fill my new program.”

Sharon Christie

Bold Women Lawyers

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