Talent just isn’t enough on its own to win in the marketing game, especially if you are one of many who offer similar services. When it comes to client attraction and list building, you can’t be a best-kept secret AND build a solid list of potential clients.

The secret to building buzz and momentum lies in how you position your authority (and this is a key factor that many really talented coaches, consultants, content creators and service professionals totally miss that is costing them sales.)

Inside this video, I’ll reveal:

  • The four phases from being “talented but invisible” to having “influence” that is Uber-attractive and magnetic to your dream clients.
  • How to cultivate authority to help a potential client recognize your AWESOME VALUE, even if you don’t have a lot of marketing experience.
  • Why too many really talented business owners who solve costly problems feel invisible (and just aren’t landing the right clients or opportunities to be more visible.)
  • Plus, what to do if you feel INVISIBLE to ideal opportunities and passed over by perfect clients so that you become the most logical choice.

Want to amplify your authority and become the most logical choice for your dream clients who will be excited to invest 4 – 5 figures to gain access to YOUR wisdom?

Download my FREE Guide: 7 Step Framework to Adding $100k a Year as an In-Demand Authority  and I’ll show you the seven key elements every expert needs to attract hot visibility opportunities and turn lurkers into leads that become high ticket clients.


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