Ready to Attract More Clients Without Leaving Your Office, or Wasting Countless Hours on Expensive Marketing Techniques That Don’t Pay Off? Imagine having a constant flow of interested prospects joining your list each day — without expensive FB ads or spending countless hours traveling across the world to speak on stages.

Inside this video you will discover:

  • What makes podcast guesting, virtual summits and online events a HOT client attraction technique right now
  • How to get past feeling stuck sharing your message on podcasts
  • The trick to NOT waste time with podcast guesting
  • Two irreplaceable mindsets that help you create BUZZ, position yourself as the authority in your expertise and attract MASSIVE opportunities
  • How to recognize if you are making the SINGLE biggest mistakes
  • What the Golden Thread Method is and how to use it every time you are interviewed or featured so that potential clients immediately get why you are an expert
  • The magic “secret sauce” formula that is critical to build rapport and proving your value and credibility
  • My 3-word trick that will accelerate a prospect from merely interested to being INVESTED in working with you
  • Why Magnetic Messaging is CRITICAL to stand out in your crowded market

Want to leverage podcast guesting to boost your authority, attract your perfect clients and create that buzz and momentum needed to land more opportunities?


Stop Making These Costly Interview Mistakes


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