Because of my training, I’m really good at spotting what is NOT working.

I can quickly laser in on the real problem behind a sales slow down or detect why an entrepreneur feels like a best-kept secret.

I can identify the reason an offer isn’t converting and why someone’s visibility strategy isn’t making them any money.

My favorite is pointing out where profit leaks are working against my client (and how to use the $100.k Authority Accelerator to boost up revenues, fast.)

But as we all know, a strength overused can become your greatest weakness.

Because I’m so good at seeing problems, I also tend to hyper-focus on them in my own life and business.

And that is why I had to incorporate a daily practice of focusing on what is working so I stay in an attitude of gratitude.

Tapping into the power of gratitude is more than just thinking positive thoughts (which IS important.) Gratitude actually transforms your ability to generate higher levels of wealth and success because it causes you to focus on what’s working in your life

Gratitude shifts us into being a money and opportunity magnet by giving our attention to situations that make us feel joy, love and peace of mind.

Here’s a practice to help you activate gratitude (even if things are not going so well right now):

  1. Write down all of the things that are going well in your life (this is an important habit that I teach all success-driven entrepreneurs in IGNITE Mastermind.)
  2. Now focus on one of them, even if it’s a small thing like you woke up this morning, your bed is comfortable, your spouse made you breakfast, your dog likes to cuddle, or that someone in your life did you a favor.
  3. Tap into that good feeling and amplify it so it can become a magnet for more good in your life. If you have a hard time accessing that feeling, play your favorite “good energy” song.
  4. Now focus all day on that situation, keeping your mind on how good it made you feel.
  5. If you start to focus back on a negative situation, or start to spiral around your problems, acknowledge the gap, write it down on an “opportunities” list, then snap your attention BACK to the good thing.
  6. Then, once you’ve really got yourself in a joyful or peaceful emotional state, put your attention to a goal and IMAGINE yourself feeling the way you do about your good situation about that goal being real.

In essence, you are training yourself to be in a higher vibration which allows you to attract what you do want. Here’s a little bit more on why creating an attitude of gratitude is a key part of being a successful entrepreneur.

Red Car Theory

The most fundamental reason why gratitude helps us become more successful in business is because it shifts our focus away from problems, negativity and challenges and focuses us on the good stuff in our life. When our focus in on good things, we tend to naturally see more of the good things in life. If you ever thought about buying a car, say a red car, all of a sudden you will see red cars everywhere.

When you focus on something good in your life — even if you feel like everything is going to hell in a hand basket — you will automatically start to notice more and more of your blessings. And before you know it, your life will feel lighter (and you’ll be a billion times more resourceful towards the challenges you need to figure out.)

Creates Positive Momentum

Like a snowball that gets bigger as it rolls down the mountain, gratitude pumps us full of “feel good” emotions. When we think of all the good experiences, people and situations that are already in our life, endorphins kick in and raise our mood. It is easier to get into action towards a goal when we feel good. A state of gratitude is a much more powerful space to pursue that next level of success from.

Generates Optimism

By remembering what is working in your life (even if it is that the sun came up today) we can open our hearts and minds to other possibilities. When we focus on what is going well in our life our mind gets in the habit of collecting “gratitude.” Like any habit, you can easily fall into the pattern of seeing all the limitations or you can create a pattern of seeing all the possibilities. Personally I think my life is one THOUSAND times more enjoyable when I focus on all the good stuff.

Reminds Us Of “Our Why”

By connecting with the situations that are going well, it’s easier to remember WHY we do what we do in the first place. When we stay connected to our WHY our heart softens. Our compassion flows. And we can have empathy for ourselves and others (this becomes more important if you have to “steel up” for family time over the holidays, right?)

Makes Us More Attractive

Grateful people tend to be more enjoyable to be around. Gratitude helps us stay humble and avoid the temptation to see ourselves as better than those we serve. I find that the more my clients experience me as accessible, transparent and REAL, the more likely they are to refer more business and experience more of the programs I teach. Think of gratitude as a success magnet!

Gratitude is just one of the ways to we can develop a bold, powerful mindset required to achieve bold goals and shed limits and fears that hold us back. Give it a try and let me know how it goes for you.



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