The Surprising Benefits of Saying No More Often

Do you ever catch yourself saying yes to an opportunity or commitment only to later regret it? Maybe it is FOMO (fear of missing out), bright shiny object syndrome, or maybe even people-pleasing, but if you tend to say yes and later find yourself short on time and feeling resentful, chances are it’s affecting your happiness.

On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 243, my guest Becky Morrison, author of ‘The Happiness Recipe: A Powerful Guide to Living What Matters’, joins me to share her intriguing research around saying no more often (and how that can lead to experiencing more joy, emotional freedom, and happiness!)

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Key Takeaways

  • How Becky’s background created a deep, passionate drive to help people feel more comfortable with saying no.
  • The big fat lie about doing more and success.
  • The trick for entrepreneurs and business owners is to know when to say no.
  • FOMO issues versus people-pleasers – what’s really causing these kinds of self-sabotaging patterns.
  • What do you do when you feel guilty or stuck trying to say no.
  • A surprising link between saying no and experiencing more happiness. 


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About the Guest:

Becky Morrison is a mom, wife and lawyer turned Happiness Coach. Her mission is to spread joy. She believes most people can live happier, easier lives if they get clear on what matters most to them and then develop a plan to do more of that and less of the rest. If she can help enable people to find clarity and happiness then everyone wins.

People and processes are at the heart of the work that she has done for the last 20+ years in corporations, law firms – as both a lawyer and administrator – and small businesses. Now she’s using that experience coupled with her own journey to help people supercharge their success and happiness by: finding clarity; taking the next steps in their career; overcoming overwhelm; going from idea to action; and, stepping into their authentic leadership presence.

Becky brings together all her learnings in her recently published book ‘The Happiness Recipe: A Powerful Guide to Living What Matters’.

Becky also comes from a basketball family – her husband is a basketball coach and both her kids play as well.

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